After revealing her big secret last year, the popular schoolgirl is back and she’s undergone some impressive improvements.

Last year, a Japanese schoolgirl called Saya made headlines around the world after it was revealed that she didn’t actually exist. The girl was, in fact, a 3-D computer-generated model with an incredibly life-like appearance that fooled everyone into thinking she was a living, breathing student.


Her creators, husband-and-wife team Yuka and Teruyuki Ishikawa, have continued to work on Saya’s look throughout the year, depicting her in a number of scenarios as they work on creating a movie with her as the star character.


What’s even more impressive than the natural-looking realism of Saya’s character is the fact that the Tokyo-based duo behind her creation are entirely self-taught in the fields of computer graphics and design. While most of their orders are for overseas clients, their work on Saya is a side-project they work on in their free time.


Now they’ve added another layer of realism to the attractive schoolgirl with the “2016 version”, which they revealed via their Twitter account just a few days ago.

Saya now has even more detail, with stunning skin tones that have an incredibly realistic texture. The amazing details extend to the reflection in her irises and even the flyaway strands of hair on her head.


Naturally, Twitter users were blown away by Saya’s new look.

“The level of realism is absolutely amazing!”
“I can’t see anything but a real girl in this image.”
“Wow – she’s evolved even more than last time!”
“I can’t wait to hear her voice and see how she moves.”

We shouldn’t have to wait too long to see Saya come to life on screen, with the creators revealing that they’re working towards debuting the character at an autumn exhibition, having already completed the motion capture process last month.

They’ll be making announcements in the near future so watch this space for more details!

Source: Togech
Top Image: Twitter/@mojeyuka
Insert Images: Twitter/@mojeyuka, Telyuka

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