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Boro the Caterpillar anime now showing at the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo 【SoraReview】

Our spoiler-free review of Hayao Miyazaki’s first new film in five years comes with a sneak-peek look at the official movie programme.

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Cosplay as a sexy shadow warrior with the new Ninja Bikini from Japan

One of Japan’s top cosplayers introduces us to the hidden wonders of the two-piece bathing suit.

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Knife-wielding man at Shinjuku Station arrested by Tokyo police

Commuters say they feared for their lives during the incident.

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Spring snow falls in Tokyo, creating beautiful images of Japanese sakura cherry blossoms

A rare event, particularly in the busy metropolis.

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Go from friends to lovers with the new “sharecoat” from Japan

Carefully designed features promise to keep you warm and bring you closer together at outdoor events.

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Muscly cosplayer loses fans after posting photos of his Sailor Neptune crossplay

The burly Instagrammer says he’ll continue to dress as the female character because he doesn’t need closed-minded followers.

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8 sakura sweets to enjoy under the cherry blossoms at your next hanami picnic in Japan

There’s nothing better than eating pink sakura treats while gazing up at their beautiful blossoms.

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Japanese fashion brand Trove releases first-ever unisex range of modern samurai coats and pants

You don’t have to be a man to dress like a cool samurai warrior this season.

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Robot performs traditional Japanese tea ceremony, serves up frothy matcha in seconds 【Video】

This is like no other tea ceremony we’ve ever seen.

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SoraNews24 finds its new favourite sweet: Hershey’s Japanese matcha chocolate ice cream

This Hershey’s chocolate matcha ice cream will have you salivating.

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Sakura season 2018 officially declared in Tokyo as first cherry blossoms begin to bloom

Hanami flower-viewing season begins nine days earlier than average as the city’s official “sample tree” sprouts its first blossoms.

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Hello Kitty Shinkansen bullet train to debut in Japan this summer

The world-famous Sanrio character wants to welcome you onboard her very own high-speed train.

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Soak in a secret Japanese onsen hot spring…in a dilapidated old building

This is one of the most unusual onsen in all of Japan.
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Japanese youths anger police by sitting at kotatsu table at busy Kyoto intersection【Video】

Locals say it’s all part of a Kyoto University tradition.

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Studio Ghibli inspires “The Glassworker”, a groundbreaking new anime film from Pakistan 【Video】

The beautiful love story between Vincent and Alliz reminds us that “life is beautiful but fragile, like glass itself“.

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How safe is Japan? New interactive map reveals reports of crime around the country

Now you can find out if there are any upskirt photographers, bag-snatchers, swindlers, or burglars in your area.

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There’s even a life-sized figurine of the star waiting to greet you in a push-up bra.

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Enjoy hanami cherry blossom viewing on the Ginza Line Sakura Train in Tokyo

The special train will only be in operation for a limited time.

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Edge The Harukas: Japan’s tallest building has a thrilling new open-air rooftop attraction

Come with us as we walk through what it takes to hang out over the edge of a skyscraper.

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Tokyo Tower opens up new “Top Deck Tour” with futuristic interiors, free drinks and extra services

Visitors to the new Top Deck viewing platform get to enjoy VIP treatment along with the stunning Tokyo skyline.
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