Kids are given one less plane ticket than there are members of their family, and their responses are heartwarming.

I have many a fond memory of taking family trips while growing up. It didn’t have to be elaborate or to anywhere special; a simple day trip up north to play in the snow (which my desert-bound hometown never saw) was just as enjoyable as a week-long beach-side vacation.

Being a company that helps families get from point A to point B, All Nippon Airways (ANA) makes travel their business, and in a commercial they’ve recently released, they show they also know the importance of traveling together as a family.

The commercial begins with kids from four different families being asked to draw a picture of a trip they would like to go on with their family. They presented colorful illustrations of trips to the beaches of Okinawa, the ski slopes of Hokkaido, hot springs, and Mount Fuji.

Then, they were given tickets to go on their dream vacation, but with one catch- there weren’t enough tickets for everyone in their family.

▼ “There are four in our family but only three tickets…”


The video goes on to show the kids deliberating over whose name to write on each ticket and who they would choose to leave behind.

▼ “I can’t decide!”


Their parents watched behind the scenes and made their own predictions about what their children would decide.

▼ “It’ll be him, his little brother, and his mom.”


…but their children’s unexpected responses brought them to tears.

▼ “If everyone doesn’t go, it won’t be any fun.”


▼ “We’re giving them back.”


In the end, they all gave up the tickets. The general consensus was that if the whole family couldn’t go, the trip wouldn’t be as fun, that the point of the trip was to enjoy time together with everyone.

▼ “Maybe next time.”


With everyday life being as busy as it is, taking time to be together and do things as a family is important, especially to young kids. Hopefully these selfless youngsters were rewarded in the end with enough tickets for their whole family!

Source: YouTube/ANAGlobalCH via IT Media
Top image: YouTube/ANAGlobalCH