This tale of kindness and camaraderie will put a smile on your face and have you reaching for the tissues at the same time.

In the world of online gaming, people from all different countries come together to fight common foes, take up magical challenges, and fight together in animated realms. In some games, like H1Z1: King of the Kill, players have to fend for themselves, with the aim of the game being to take everybody else down until only one player remains.

Even in this cut-throat environment, however, there’s still room for unexpected friendship and kindness, and Japanese Twitter user @koumai_jp is here to prove it with a video that recounts his encounter with a player from Miami. After coming across a character with no weapons, and therefore no way of protecting himself in the field, @koumai_jp decides not to make an easy kill and instead asks the player where he’s from.

▼ The player reveals he’s from Miami, and after discovering @koumai_jp‘s home country, he says “Oh dude, I love Japan!” and an immediate friendship is struck.


Wasting no time, @koumai_jp whips out an item and hands it over to the defenceless player, whom he now refers to as “Miami”. Later in the game, Miami returns the favour and the two continue the game without getting in each other’s way, right until the bitter, final end.

Check out the touching tale of camaraderie below:

At the end of the clip, @koumai_jp adds even more drama to the epic finale by saying that after this, he never met Miami again. He hopes that Miami thinks of him though, and even though they might never be able to meet each other again in their lifetimes, they’re already good friends.

▼ As @koumai_jp gets hit, Miami runs out, screaming “You killed Japan!” before going down in a blaze of bullets himself as @koumai_jp yells out “Miami!” in vain.


After posting the clip to Twitter, @koumai_jp received more than a hundred thousand likes and retweets in just over a day. Now with over 200,000 likes and 150,000 retweets, people are still sharing the heartwarming tale of Miami and Japan, leaving comments like:

“I fell all warm and fuzzy now after watching this!
“What a touching story! It moved me to tears!”
“I’m crying right now!”
“It’s nice to know kind people like this exist in the world!”
“This is exactly what I needed to see after a tough day.”

One Twitter user was so touched by what they’d seen that they even created some fan art to express their admiration for the two players.

The story of kindness and friendship between Miami and Japan is continuing to melt people’s hearts around the Internet. Hopefully the viral Tweet will catch the attention of the player known as Miami, so the two can cross paths again someday, either online or, even better, in real life!

Source: Niconico News
Featured image: Twitter/@koumai_jp
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