The classic sing-along-songs of a million childhoods seamlessly blended and performed for your listening pleasure by a samurai in a dapper suit.

Canadian Steve Onotera, also known as the SamuraiGuitarist, has a clean sound and flawless style which he puts to amazing use in a number of performances shared with more than 134,000 subscribers on his popular YouTube channel.

In the past, he’s wowed viewers with an amazing recreation of music and sound effects from Super Mario Bros. 3, and now he’s back with a medley of classic Disney songs from movies like Robin Hood, The Jungle Book, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin all played on an acoustic guitar.

Take a look at his impressive musical stylings below:

The video conjures up a lot of fond memories from Disney classics, with songs like “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from The Lion King

▼ “Colours of the Wind” from Pocohontas

▼ And “I’ll make a man out of you” from Mulan

Onotera reportedly found his distinctive guitar style when he attempted to create a video of himself playing the Beatles’ Here Comes The Sun as the sun rose behind him. To do this, he recorded the piece at the incredibly slow speed of seven beats per minute, so that the whole song took around 30 minutes to play as the sun came up. While he had planned to re-record the track at full speed later on to dub over the original video, when he sped it up he discovered that the guitar sound had been transformed, so it now sounded like several instruments playing in a staccato style.

▼ Have a listen to his beautiful cover of the Beatles’ Here Comes The Sun.

Putting this new discovery to work, Onotera used it to record a number of cover songs, incorporating this technique and countless others into videos which he uploaded to his YouTube account. He doesn’t only produce covers though, he has also written what he calls “mainstream country music” and has produced several instructional videos for budding musicians too.

With blasts of nostalgia like his Disney medley in amongst his dozens of videos, and with a new video every week, SamuraiGuitarist is worth keeping an eye on, and an ear out for. And if that’s got you in the mood for some more musical madness, there’s always the insane drumming of Dainashi.

Source: Youtube/SamuraiGuitarist
Featured image: Youtube/SamuraiGuitarist