Vell’s singing, dancing, and acting all make for a very entertaining, Disney-centered YouTube channel.

If you’re a Disney fan, you’ll probably love Miracle Vell Magic, a Japanese YouTuber and self-proclaimed “Disney Freak” who specializes in singing Disney songs. Vell has been on YouTube since 2013, where she shows off her love of Disney with her beautiful singing voice, flair for makeup and cosplay, and talented acting skills.

You might already recognize her from her wildly popular video in which she sings “Let It Go” from the movie Frozen in the makeup of 25 different Disney characters, which has been viewed more than 41 million times.

She is a very versatile singer. In addition to her own voice, she can also sing in different character voices. In several of her Disney song videos, she sings all the parts to one song, complete with voice intonation and everything.

▼ Here she sings and acts every voice in the song “Belle” from Beauty and the Beast. It’s so accurate, you’d almost think you’re watching the movie!

Vell can also speak fluent English, and many of her videos include both Japanese and English, which makes them accessible to everyone.

She’s not only an incredible singer and makeup artist, but a talented actress, dancer, and video host as well. Take a look at her YouTube channel and you will find music videos, v-logs, dance tutorials, and comedy videos. Her YouTube channel has such a diverse array of content, that fans of all kinds of things — from makeup to Disney to dancing and music — can enjoy her content.

Her most recent series seems to be “Ways To…” videos, which contrary to what you might think, are not self-help videos. Instead, she pretends to be different kinds of people doing simple things like taking off pen caps and winking. You wouldn’t think seeing the same person do one thing several different ways would be entertaining, but they’re actually really funny!

▼ “7 Ways to Walk in Disneyland”

Her facial expressions and character acting are so good, and sometimes so over the top, that you can’t help but love it and laugh out loud! For example, in her video “6 Ways to Drink from a Straw”, she goes from normal, to Disney Princess, to even “fish”, and each one is completely believable. She makes really fine movements that make all the difference!

Some Japanese followers have even commented that she’s like a modern Charlie Chaplin, and we could definitely see that. She doesn’t even need vocals to be entertaining!

You know who else would probably love Vell’s videos? Our own Disney-obsessed reporter Daiichiro Tashiro, whose love of Disney is so strong that he’s able to convert even the staunchest of Disney haters.

Source: Twitter/@VellTube via NetLab
Top Image: YouTube/Miracle Vell Magic

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