World’s first Takoyaki Guitar created in Japan, features a gas grill and octopus balls

The best-sounding takoyaki you’ll ever hear.

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Do most Japanese Gen Z music lovers skip the guitar solo in songs? Survey finds out

Online survey investigates one specific way that the youth of today consume, or rather don’t consume, music.

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Seiji and the spirit of Yngwie Malmsteen barge into Young Guitar magazine

When you’re Yngwie Malmsteen, you don’t need an invitation… even if you aren’t him.

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We ask one of Japan’s best guitarists how to play a crappy 100-yen toy beautifully

One man did the impossible. T-cophany played one of those crappy toy guitars beautifully.

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Japanese artist and cat make bamboo guitar that serves nagashi somen noodles on hot summer days

Gives new meaning to “noodling around on the guitar.”

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Japanese subway line sells a piece of guitar history worth thousands for only five bucks

This unassuming little silver box is worth its weight in gold.

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B’z guitar lost for 20 years found in 10 days using social media

They really should have thought of this sooner.

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Seiji and the spirit of Yngwie Malmsteen barely interview a Japanese actress【Interview】

In order to confront the intimidating and multi-talented Rena “Non” Nonen, our interviewer summons a god of rock.

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Shamisen player, guitarist, and violinist team up for epic impromptu street collaboration 【Video】

They’d never met before, but when they rocked out together they made some incredible music.

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SamuraiGuitarist’s Disney song medley will bring a smile to your face【Video】

The classic sing-along-songs of a million childhoods seamlessly blended and performed for your listening pleasure by a samurai in a dapper suit.

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People can’t get enough of these adorable cats ordering treats with a bell【Video】

If this video was reversed, you’d see plenty of humans hitting the bell to watch the video again!

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We try out a 4 million yen guitar, also try to keep pants dry

Seiji Nakazawa has trouble keeping his continence in check as he strums on a guitar worth more than some people make in a year.

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One Piece and music lovers can now add Brook’s iconic Shark Guitar to their collections!

The new instrument is also perfect for confusing your bandmates when you tell them that your biggest musical influence is a skeleton.

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Slime-y guitar is not something you will find in a Dragon Quest game, but you can in real life

This fan’s custom guitar job will have all the Dragon Quest fans rocking out.

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【Monday Kickstart】This cello/classical guitar medley of Ghibli theme songs is simply beautiful

Studio Ghibli is known the world over for their animated films, and with good reason! They may not quite be as wealth as Disney, but there’s no doubt that they have created many masterpieces that will withstand the test of time. They’ve also created numerous lovely, memorable soundtracks for their movies — and those songs have been perennial favorites for musicians seeking for inspiration for many years.

A quick look around YouTube will reveal too many covers to count, with everything from metal to pop to orchestral. With so many out there, it can be difficult to stand out — and yet many musicians manage to make covers that do just that and blow us away! Today, we have one such pair, Nicholas Yee and Shawn Gan, a cellist and classical guitarist, respectively, who add a sophisticated, sublime edge to some of Ghibli’s most well-known and beloved songs.

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Mr. Sato discovers the band of his dreams: this small box

Hardcore readers of RocketNews24 may have caught the very few instances where Mr. Sato has pulled out a guitar and started playing. It’s easy to miss, though, as Mr. Sato is what’s known as a bochi gitarisuto (lonely guitarist) who plays alone at home solely for his own satisfaction.

But now our reporter is all too eager to show of his guitar stylings after discovering the Trio Band Creator by DigiTech. It looks just like a normal effects pedal but actually adds an automatic bass and drum accompaniment based on your own playing.

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Traditional wood-carved guitars prove Japan is the most metal

Japan is known throughout the world for finding harmonious ways of combining traditional design and aesthetics with modern ideas and technology. You can see it everywhere: in Japanese architecture, eating utensils, even smartphone/tablet cases and pop music.

So it should come as no surprise then that there’s Japanese electric guitars that have been hand-crafted out of wood following traditional carving techniques. Oh, and did we mention that you can order them online?

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Guitarist perfectly recreates disgraced Japanese politician’s uncontrollable sobbing【Video】

Even we can’t believe how much news and Twittersphere coverage Ryutaro Nonomura has been receiving. The disgraced politician who attempted to claim over 3 million yen (around US$30,000) in travel expenses without providing any supporting evidence has been seen around the world sobbing violently at a press conference thanks to numerous YouTube videos. Even a local station in California showed a short clip of the unprecedented meltdown during the evening news just yesterday.

Just like any other video of an unexpected reaction, this one has sparked a virtual onslaught of meme after meme showing the Hyogo Prefectural Assemblyman with the likes of Hulk Hogan and popular girl group Perfume. But one parody in particular caught our attention for how difficult it was to pull off. Prepare to cringe and be impressed while watching the following video of a perfectly timed, perfectly pitched recreation of Nonomura’s teary defense performed on an electric guitar.

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Zen cat proves the ultimate high comes from music【Video】

Between spending all day basking in the sun and playing in boxes, there’s no doubt that the life of a cat is pretty great. And a Japanese musician has reinforced this with a recent video he uploaded of his cat achieving what looks like feline nirvana. The owner, a Tokyo-based music teacher, seems to put his cat in a trance by playing the instrument on top of the cat. Click below to view the video of the cat who could serve as an anti-drug PSA, teaching the world that the best way to get high is through music.

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Japan Airlines offers free guitar boxes to ease travelling musicians’ worries

Taking a flight with a musical instrument can be nerve-racking. There are a number of ways for your precious gear to be damaged, be it by air pressure and temperature changes, or the risk of it being manhandled or even lost by unbaggage handlers.

Flying with a guitar can be especially daring as they can sometimes be too big for carry-on baggage and often require DIY protection methods like loosening the strings and wrapping a T-shirt around the head. Thankfully, Japan Airlines (JAL) has heard these worries and responded by lending out a protective case for your beloved acoustic or electric.

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