Rock to the beat of station names and level up your knowledge of Japan’s railway system while you’re at it.

There are many types of train otakus in Japan, 36 in total to be exact, but what they all share in common is an obsession with all things related to trains. Whether it be railway safety or timetables, these hobbyists take great delight in immersing themselves in the world of trains.

Obakyu super express LSE / 胡瓜P is a YouTube channel dedicated to the many train stations scattered all over Japan. The videos all have accompanying music sung by vocaloids, but what makes them truly special is that the lyrics are completely made up of train station names. Here are just a few of them.

Princess Mononoke theme of the JR Kishin Line, featuring stations
between Hyogo Prefecture and Okayama Prefecture in the Kansai region.

My Neighbor Totoro’s “Sanpo” really fits the Enoshima Electric Railway,
a short private railway which runs through Kanagawa Prefecture.

▼ “Top Of The World”, originally sung by The Carpenters,
showcases the busy stations on the Yokohama Line and Negishi Line.

▼ Gen Hoshino’s famous song “Koi”
introduces the various high-speed Shinkansen.

Many more of these funky and creative videos can be found in the channel, and they can be a great way for travelers to learn the notoriously difficult pronunciation of the many stations in Japan. Sing them at train-themed karaokes and you’ll impress even the most hardcore of train otaku.

Source: YouTube/Obakyu super express LSE / 胡瓜P via Japankyo
Top image: YouTube/ Obakyu super express LSE / 胡瓜P