Give your little train otaku a bag they’ll use for years.

Japanese randoseru school bags may be a trendy bag shape outside of the nation, but within the nation, they’re pretty standard, including the color and design range. Once in a while a cool collaboration with something like Harry Potter will come around, but for the most part, they’re mainly available in a simple style with just a few color variations.

Lucky for train fans, a train-themed randoseru bag is arriving! Japanese randoseru school bag maker Kazama Randoseru collaborated with Kansai region train company Kintetsu Railway to create a bag based on the Hinotori, one of their popular limited express trains. It runs between Osaka and Nagoya and features cushy seats, spacious toilets, great views, and more.

▼ This must look so cool zooming across the Kansai region.

The Hinotori express train only began running in 2020, but its sleek red-and-black color scheme has attracted enough of a fan following to inspire a randoseru school bag. One of its most notorious features is the golden bird logo on parts of the train, to symbolize the “tori” (“bird”) in “Hinotori”.

▼ It would sure be a conversation starter among six-year-olds.

Kazama Randoseru’s Hinotori collaboration bag features the same red, black, and gold coloring, including the signature golden bird on a number of places on the bag that will make it easy for your child to show off.

▼ Don’t worry, it gets cooler.

The inside of the main flap of the bag has a pattern similar to the train, complete in red and gold. On the front of the bag, there’s also some gold text that says “Kintetsu 80000 series” to give a hint to those who may not get the train reference right off the bat.

▼ The Kazama brand logo is also on the back. Fancy!

▼ The side view makes it look just like a train car.

Reservations for the bag started on March 16 at Kazama Ransoderu Showrooms, and online reservations will begin on March 23. Each bag is 80,000 yen (US$670.92), which is actually not atypical for a randoseru, as they’re meant to be used from grades one through six.

The bags are only being made in a limited quantity, so if you’d like to get your young pupil a unique bag tailored to their interests, sooner is probably better than later!

Source: PR Times, Kintetsu Railway, Instagram
Images: PR Times
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