How did such a game manage to slip past the approval process?

Logan Paul’s notorious video making light of suicide victims have disgusted Japanese citizens, and despite him pledging a huge sum of money to suicide organizations, the consequences of his actions continue to have repercussions.

A parody video game of Logan’s video somehow made its way into Microsoft’s Xbox Live Creators Collection — a place where games yet to be officially approved reside. Players control a crudely-modeled Logan who traverses various traps in Aokigahara Forest while searching for suicide victims to net views for his channel.

▼ Here’s the actual gameplay footage of Logan Paul in The Suicide Forest.
(Warning: May be disturbing for some viewers.)

▼ Community manager Bear “Bearskopff” Parker from TT Games
was shocked to find the game available for download.

▼ It wasn’t long before the tweet caught the attention
of Xbox community manager Larry Hryb.

Although Microsoft eventually pulled the parody game from the Xbox Live Creators Collection, the apparent lack of quality control in regulating such reprehensible games has alarmed some players. Further improvements in the reviewing process will be required, but no matter how rigorous the screening system gets, it still doesn’t address the root of the problem: developers with a twisted sense of humor.

▼ Felipe Orion, creator of Logan Paul in The Suicide Forest, seems hell-bent
on making it available to the public despite it being deleted from Xbox Live.

Sound decision on Microsoft doing the right thing, and let’s hope we’ll see less of such people trying to make it big at the expense of victims.

Suicide rates in Japan are at an all time low now, but we must always strive to remain vigilant and keep up the good fight.

Source: Eurogamer, Polygon
Top image: Pakutaso