Duo claims the prank was staged, but Japanese netizens aren’t buying it.

The Paul Logan fiasco has raised Japanese netizens’ awareness of YouTubers who seem to take joy in causing havoc in Japan. Some of them have begun searching for more of such videos, and have unearthed one taken last September by American YouTuber duo, Dan Rue and Nick Joseph.

In the video, Dan is having a whale of a time grabbing lobsters from a fresh seafood store with his hands while Nick provides commentary making fun of the Japanese language. Dan is then seen walking up to a mother and child before grabbing the infant in his arms. The little girl screams and Dan makes a run for it, with the mother giving chase behind.

The mock abduction video is in no way inspired by the acts of Paul Logan since it predates his incident, and is thus considered separate.

Since the duo isn’t that well-known, however, the video lay dormant for months but resurfaced when Japanese netizens realized how some YouTubers could get away with such atrocious acts.

▼ Dan Rue’s tweet claims that it was all staged, but it’s a really
hard one to believe since the duo hardly speak any Japanese.

Japanese netizens are furious over the video:

“Don’t ever step foot in Japan again.”
“It would have been perfect if we’d remained an isolated country.”
“That’s clearly a criminal offence. You’re the same as that Logan Paul.”
“How long do you think Japanese people can tolerate such things for?”
“This is the reason why some Japanese hate foreigners. Not only did he play with a shop’s goods, he also tried to kidnap a child. To all the viewers who subscribe to his channel, who thinks it’s funny and who have no manners at all, please don’t ever come to Japan.”

Japanese people can appreciate a good prank as much as anyone else, but regardless of whether the kidnapping video was an act or not, it was still in poor taste.

Source: YouTube/Nick & Dan via Hachima Kiko
Top image: YouTube/Nick & Dan