That’s right ladies and gents, despite its predecessor’s somewhat dismal performance in the Land of the Rising Sun, Microsoft’s games console-cum-media hub Xbox One is coming to Japanese shores after all. But it won’t be for a while yet…

Japanese gamers will finally be able to wave their arms around like idiots and enjoy the newest version of Kinect in September this year–a whole 10 months later than those in the US and much of Europe. Further details will apparently be announced in April.

The news came late last night via the official Xbox 360 Japan Twitter feed, and was quickly shared by fans, though with fewer than 2,000 Twitter users retweeting the news of the console’s launch date so far, we have to wonder whether Xbox One will suffer a fate similar to that of the Xbox 360 when it eventually shows up in Japan.

Lest we forget, it’s not Japanese gamers who have been forced to wait for Microsoft’s giant box of tricks; 25 other countries including South Korea, Poland, Norway and Netherlands – many of which are right next door to countries that have had Xbox One for months – also have to wait until the second half of the year to get their hands on the console.

Seriously, guys, just import.

Source: Twitter via Netorabo
Featured image via DualShockers