One of the best illustrators in Japan drawing one of the best movies of all time. Great Scott!

Famed illustrator Yusuke Murata, who brought us American football manga Eyeshield 21 and the action-packed manga hit One-Punch Man, has shown that his impressive drawing skills stretch far back to even his elementary school years.

Now, Murata is about to embark on an awesome series that took the world by storm with its time-leaping plot and cast of charming characters: Back to the Future. Make no mistake though, it’s not a rehash of existing content, but brand new stories and adventures featuring Marty McFly and eccentric scientist Dr. Emmett Brown.

▼ Everything you love about Back to the Future in manga form!

Set to be released on 20 April, the manga is currently in progress and fully supervised by co-producer of the original series, Bob Gale.

▼ Murata gives us a taste of what the DeLorean
time machine in the manga will look like.

Japanese fans were elated that the timeless series was not only making a comeback, but is also being drawn by action manga maestro Murata.

“Nobody calls me chicken!”
“I’ve already reserved my copy. I can’t wait for it to arrive.”
“Huh?! Seriously? This is fantastic.”
“Is this real? That’s great news!”
“Congratulations! Murata said that he’ll be working on both
One-Punch Man and this, right? I look forward to both, but I also pray that it doesn’t affect his health.”

The Back to the Future manga is available for pre-order from Amazon here.

There’s only two months left, so mark your calendars and get ready to be thrown into a world of plutonium-powered time machines and time paradoxes. The future is now, and lest you forget, we already have real, working hoverboards.

Source: Konomanga via Otakomu
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