Being sweet and coy didn’t work when discussing a photo ban, so Eren tried the brutally direct approach instead.

By now it’s pretty common knowledge that making it as an idol singer in Japan is at least as much about appearance and image as it is singing talent. Fans like looking at idols as much as they like listening to them, and sales of photos, posters, and DVDs are an important revenue stream for performers and promoters.

So it’s no surprise that idol concerts usually have strict bans on video and photography during the performance, something that idol singer Eren (@erenism on Twitter) recently took to Twitter to remind her followers of.

“Reminder: photography and filming are prohibited at my concerts!

I’m happy that people want cute photos and fun videos of me, but when we’re lucky enough to be in the same space, having you watch me through a view finder just breaks my heart. And it makes me sad when I can’t see your faces. I want to see them, OK? ⌒(❛ᴗ❛)⌒

And if you break this rule, I’ll toss your phone away.”

▼ A sample of Eren’s music, from her newest album, Soup Circus

The wording of Eren’s “no photos” warning suggests it’s a carefully constructed message to preserve the dream that the admiration and affection fans feel for their favorite idol is mutual. However, one Twitter commenter pointed out that the design of modern cameras, with their large display screens and other user-friendly features, allows people to use them without keeping their eyes glued to the screen, and so Eren’s fears of mid-concert filming and photos preventing her and her fans’ eyes from meeting were misplaced.

With her attempt to handle the situation diplomatically having hit a dead-end, Eren decided to stop mining words, and fired back the following reply.

Geez, did you think I seriously want to see a bunch of otaku’s faces? Of course not! I’m telling you that the cameras cause problems!”

Such straight talk might carry the risk of turning away fans, but this hard-edged side of her personality is actually one of Eren’s selling points, and her existing fans ate up the saltily seasoned retort, leaving comments like:

“That’s Eren for you.”
“She really is the best.”
“So funny.”
“So salty.”

One commenter even suggested that if Eren didn’t want to see a sea of otaku faces looking up at her while she’s on stage, she could just have everyone put bags over their heads…which is something she actually did for the concert held on her last birthday.

Oh, and her comment about throwing away peoples’ phones if she catches them filming her on stage? She’s serious, as this video proves.

Maybe we should look forward to a duet between Eren and fellow phone-hater Bruno Mars.

Source: Twitter/@erenism via Jin
Featured image: Twitter/@erenism

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