Said she wanted dying relative to see her as a bride, but there’s another twist.

It’s no secret that some idol singer fans develop romantic feelings for their favorite vocalists, and the art of soft rejection is pretty much a necessary skill for any performer working in the industry long-term. So it was unusual recently to see an idol singer herself reaching out to the fan community and looking for romance.

Well, maybe “romance” isn’t exactly the right word. But Haruka Aikawa, a member of Osaka-based idol unit Ten6, said she was looking for a husband, and she wasn’t doing so by going to singles’ parties or matchmaking agencies.

▼ Aikawa, on the far left of the line, thanks fans for coming to Ten6’s final concert of 2018.

Instead, the 20-something idol sent out a tweet on New Year’s Day, saying:

“I think that sometimes the connection between idols and fans can be a way of finding a romantic partner. So I’m putting out a sales pitch to try to find someone who will marry me, live separately, and give me 400,000 yen (US$3,550) a month for my living expenses.

Fill out the attached marriage registration and send it to me, along with a proof of income statement and your family tree.

The head of my family intends to die this year, so I’d like to let him see me become a bride.”

The unprecedented move shocked Aikawa’s followers, who left comments including:

“So will Ten6 perform at our wedding reception?”
“Here’s a chance for all the otaku to back up their big talk!”
“Only 400,000 yen? What a bargain!”
“OK! Sham marriage here I come.”

However, this open courting strategy is in stark contrast to the idol industry norm of discouraging performers from openly dating, much less getting married. Startled by her sudden and nonchalant method of looking for a life partner, Aikawa’s manager contacted her, at which point the idol sent out a new tweet saying it had all been a joke:

“Shocked at how many people took it seriously!! Even my manager called to say ‘Are you serious?!’

I’m not actually looking for a spouse on the Internet! LOL”

Questionable sense of humor aside, Aikawa doesn’t seem to have minded the extra attention. Sure, offering yourself in marriage is a weird publicity stunt to go rogue on…

…but when you’re also the sort of idol who occasionally steps into the ring for some pro wrestling, nothing is too crazy, we suppose.

Sources: Twitter/@HarupyonTen6 via Jin, Himajin Ibunroku
Top image: Twitter/@HarupyonTen6