The Pokémon Company is all about celebrating their releases!

Pokémon Quest has been out for a while now on the Nintendo Switch, but for those of us who don’t have one yet, we’ve been patiently awaiting its smartphone release. To our delight, the game dropped on the iTunes App Store and Google Play yesterday, and Pokémon fans who haven’t had the chance to try it yet will want to check it out!

If you aren’t familiar, in this new free-to-play game, cube-shaped Pokémon, called Pokécels, go on quests to explore Tumblecube Island in order to find treasure. With each quest you complete, your Pokémon level up and evolve, and you gain power up stones that make them even stronger.

You can build your team and collect Pokémon by cooking different meals using ingredients you find on your quests. The type and number of ingredients used determine what kind of meal is made, and each meal attracts different kinds of Pokémon. While not your standard method of filling your Pokédex, not knowing exactly which Pokémon will come is a fun change to this standard Pokémon objective.

While it’s a simple concept with a very basic objective, fans of Pokémon seem to be enjoying the game. And now, since it’s now available on mobile phones and thus to a larger audience, fans can enjoy a whole host of promotional events to celebrate the new(ish) game!

First, if you hit up one of the Real Pokémon Quest events happening in the next couple of weeks, you might actually be able to meet a real Pokécel! The information is being kept tightly under wraps, but it seems like some mystery Pokécels will be showing up in Shibuya Mark City in Tokyo on June 30, Laforet Harajuku in Tokyo on July 1, Sunshine Sakae in Nagoya on July 7, and Shinsaibashi Opa in Osaka on July 8.

▼ Hmmmm…could these be the mystery Pokémon? Who’s that Pokémon?!

The @poke_times Twitter account has also released a smartphone background featuring the cute new Pokécels. There’s no official download link, so if you want to show off your Pokémon love, you can screenshot the image from the tweet that matches your screen size best.

The same Twitter account will also be having a Follow and Retweet Campaign starting on June 29 and continuing until July 12. On the 29th, the account will post a series of Pokémon Quest videos, and they want you to pick the one you like the most and retweet it. The company will then choose ten retweeters at random from the most popular video and gift them a free Pokémon Quest original cushion! You must be a follower to win, so make sure you hit that “Follow” button!

▼ Maybe there will be gameplay videos like this one.

If you want even more Pokémon Quest fun, there are already Pokémon Quest goods available at Pokémon Centers around Japan, and you can also buy Pokémon Quest Nintendo Prepaid Cards wherever they are sold. These can be used on any Nintendo device for purchasing in the Nintendo Store.

▼ The left card can only be purchased at participating 7-Elevens.

It’s a good time to be a Pokémon fan, since we’ve had had a lot of exciting developments this year: a huge Pokémon Mega Store, the first ever permanent Pokémon Cafe, Pokémon plushie vending machines, trading with friends in Pokémon Go, and, of course, this dual-platform, unique, free-to-play game. Now we can only wait with bated breath for the upcoming Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee games, and whatever else might be coming next!

Source: Twitter/@poke_times via Otacom
Featured image: YouTube/The Official Pokémon Youtube Channel
Insert Images: YouTube/The Official Pokémon Youtube Channel, Pokemon Quest Official Page