The limited-time game has you and the rest of the world pitted against the franchise’s ooey-gooey mascot character–100 million of them, in fact! 

Less than a year after Super Mario Bros. celebrated the big 3-0, another video game giant has also hit the milestone. Even after three decades, Dragon Quest, known as Dragon Warrior in earlier North American installments, remains one of Japan’s most popular and enduring series of role-playing video games. It’s hard to believe that the original game was released in 1986–some of you reading this may not even have been born yet!

To celebrate the anniversary, Yahoo! Japan is offering a free, limited-time smartphone game called Great Challenge to Suppress 100 Million Slimes (スライム1億匹 討伐大作戦). Open up the Yahoo! Japan Search page on your smartphone, then enter a keyword relating to Dragon Quest‘s 30th anniversary in the search bar. In fact, simply copy and paste ドラクエ30 (“Dorakue 30;” Dorakue is the abbreviated form of Dragon Quest in Japanese) from here to make things easier. Remember, this little trick will only work on Yahoo! Japan, and only on a smartphone.

Once you hit “Search” (検索), you’ll stumble across a screen that reads, “You sense a demonic presence. Do you want to investigate?” If you’re ready, click the “Yes” button in the lower left corner, circled in red below: 


You’ll then be greeted by a second message, which alerts you that “Yahoo! Search has been taken over! Tap to get rid of the slime. ~Suppress the 100 million slimes in the world~.”


Once you tap the “Fight” button at the bottom, the slimes will start invading your screen in a frenzy! Tap them one by one to make them disappear before your time runs out. You’d better be fast, because extra^speedy slimes are also said to make occasional appearances.


Phew, the time went by way too fast the first time we played it! Let’s see our score, shall we?


Okay, we admit that only 21 slimes is a pretty measly record, especially considering that the whole world is hoping to conquer 100 million of the little buggers. At least we can play it over and over again to help out our pals around the globe.

While not the most exciting smartphone game out there, its simple premise and collective goal make this a fun little way to pass the time on your morning commute. Happy slime hunting, everyone! You have until 5 p.m. on June 7 (Japan time) to complete the quest.

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