Apparently this Chinese tea company takes sanitation very seriously.

You know that saying, “It’s so clean you could eat off it”? Of course, anyone would want to make a floor or a toilet clean enough for food, but in real life, you can make them as clean as you want, but no one is really going to want their food to touch such unsanitary surfaces.

Except employees of a Chinese company, apparently, who seem to feel the need to prove how much they value hygiene in the most extreme possible way: by eating rice balls out of a urinal.

In the above video, initially posted on Chinese video sites, a director of the Zhangzhou-based Tenfu Group, a tea company, is seen putting small rice balls into a urinal, mixing them around with her hands, and then taking a delicate bite of one.

We would have thought that everyone in the room would be gagging, but then other employees willingly(?) take bites too. Since many of the employees faces are blurred out (presumably to protect them from the shame of eating out of a urinal), it’s a bit difficult to see, but you can catch one or two popping them into their mouths if you look carefully.

According to speakers in the video, this is an annual tradition, called “Bathroom Training”, that has continued for 25 years. The purpose of encouraging/forcing employees to eat out of a urinal is to demonstrate the company’s complete commitment to hygiene and sanitation. 

The cleaning staff at this company, in particular, are very proud of their job and apparently work hard to make sure the bathrooms are pristine. Later, the video shows employees sitting at a table eating a huge, restaurant-style lunch in what is apparently a bathroom. It does look very clean, and given the cleaning staff’s commitment, I’m not surprised it wouldn’t be unappetizing to eat there. Still, it’s a bathroom, so yuck!

The event apparently took place on July 4, and though it took a few weeks for the video to make its way onto Chinese video sites, and, finally, YouTube, it’s gone viral, for obvious reasons. One can’t help but admire the company’s commitment to hygiene, and yet also feel a little nauseated at the thought of eating something that touched a place where men pee.

Well, they aren’t the only company to do something a little weird and pretty gross; Japanese ad company Wakino is now selling advertisements on women’s armpits. What’s next?!

Source: South China Post via Afternoon News via Itai News
Images: YouTube/Netizen Watch