This would have been supremely cool if it wasn’t for the fact that it would also cause chaos on roads.

Some rather strange traffic incidents have been happening in China lately, one example being a man attaching high-powered rollerblade wheels to his body and recklessly speeding down busy roads.

Another recent case has begun making rounds on the Internet, involving an individual whose creation must have been inspired by movies like Transformers or Gundam. He fashioned what appeared to be a giant armored robot and took it out for a spin.

▼ Autobots, rollout!

Naturally, such a machine rolling slowly down the roads of Beijing attracted the attention of local residents, who could not help but stare and snap pictures of the robotic marvel.

▼ Keeping the streets clear of Decepticon scum.

▼ It wasn’t long before traffic officers arrived on the scene and questioned the man.

According to the driver, the machine accommodated up to two people and could switch between humanoid and tank modes. The robot was apparently a prototype that was being tested on the roads in preparation for the Taobao Maker Festival, an annual event that showcases various creative gadgets and designs.

Nevertheless, officers warned the pilot to keep the machine off the roads since it would no doubt cause traffic mayhem, perhaps even inspiring people to build their own gargantuan robots.

▼ Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.
Just remember to follow traffic rules.

As to how its tank configuration looks remains a mystery for now, but we imagine it would be nothing short of awesome. Regardless, such things should not be test-driven on public roads, because having a massive seven-ton robot running down the street would be absolutely terrifying.

Source: YouTube/Shanghaiist, Alizila via NextShark
Images: YouTube/Shanghaiist