Tokyo police looking at 10 additional suspects, with list including Japanese nationals and foreigners from three European nations.

“Out with the old and in with the new” is a pretty good attitude to have in January, but the Tokyo Metropolitan Police aren’t quite done with their work backlog from last year. Notably, they’re still investigating the incident in which partiers on the streets of Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood tipped over a truck during a pre-Halloween celebration in the early hours of October 28.

The process of sifting through vast amounts of security camera footage is a time-consuming one, and it can’t be any easier when so much of the crowd is wearing costumes and face paint. Months later, the investigation is still ongoing, and now the police say they have 10 new suspects they’ll be questioning under suspicion of criminal acts of violence and collective destruction of private property.

▼ Video of the tipped truck

The 10 new suspects, all male, range in age from their teens to their 30s, and not all of them are Japanese. The police say that in addition to Japanese nationals, the suspects also men who hail from the U.K., France and Belgium, some of whom were enrolled as students at universities in Tokyo when the crime took place. Yet another foreigner who police say was involved has already left Japan.

Investigation of the new batch of suspects comes after four Japanese men, all in their 20s, were arrested in December for their part in the Halloween party truck-tipping. Two have since been ordered to pay fines of 100,000 yen (US$885), while criminal charges have been dropped against the remaining two.

Source: The Sankei News via Otakomu