He wasn’t arrested for theft, but he stole her heart, and she gave him even more in return.

Speaking as someone who met his wife through one of his previous jobs, I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong about keeping your eyes open for the possibility of romance while you’re at work. Still, you need to stay respectful and professional in your behavior. Oh, and even if you’re attracted to someone, if the entire point of your job is to be opposed to their profession, you should probably seriously reconsider dating them.

In November of last year, officers from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Shinjuku Precinct arrested a man in his 30s, who is a member of a yakuza organization, due to his part in an assault. The investigative team included a 23-year-old policewoman, but during the mobster’s time in custody, the two developed such a friendly relationship that after he was released on bail they continued to exchange emails and text messages.

▼ Remember: If you’re going to get arrested, make sure you do it in a jurisdiction with some hot chicks on the police force.

A romance then blossomed between the two, and they even traveled together as a couple. If this were a TV drama, this would be the point where the boyfriend begins to reconsider his life of crime, just in time to change enough to save his girlfriend from the really bad yakuza in the season finale, before he walks away from the gangster life for good and transitions to using his street smarts to assist her investigations in Season 2.

But alas, reality isn’t always so idyllic, and instead the policewoman is suspected of funneling classified information to her boyfriend regarding an investigation into another member of his yakuza organization which took place in December.

Eventually the woman’s relationship with the mobster came to the attention of police officials. During questioning, she told investigators, “I thought if I gave him information, he wouldn’t tell anyone about our relationship.”

Following the internal investigation, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police placed the policewoman on suspension for six months as a disciplinary action. Some might call that laughably light, but on March 19, the same day the story broke, the woman resigned from her position, which suggests that the official six-month punishment may have been dependent on her forthcoming resignation. No word on whether or not criminal charges will be filed against her, or whether or not her boyfriend is still interested in dating her without the fringe benefit of insider information.

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