Famous plumber finds himself sucked into a world of politics.

Things like Totoro-lookalike Chinchilla beds or mascot knockoffs are one of the reasons why China has been plagued by accusations of copyright infringement.

But now the Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission of the Communist Party of China, the current ruling party, seems to be doing it too, with a video that advocates rooting out corruption in the country using Mario. But without express permission from Nintendo, of course.

Featured in the clip is a suit-wearing Mario who goes about stomping on evildoers and smashing gang leaders in the name of China’s peace.

▼ Welcome to Super Mario Mr. Judge 2018.

▼ Mario appears to have leveled up significantly in this anti-corruption video,
allowing him to beat crooks senseless with a judge’s gavel…

▼ …and punishing criminals with the death penalty.

The most ironic moment in the video occurs when Mario collects coins that spells out the words “intellectual property” in Chinese in an act of copyright protection.

▼ Several Chinese media outlets have since pointed out the irony
that the clip itself may infringe on copyright laws.

Nintendo has refrained from commenting on the issue, but Japanese netizens were more vocal:

“Examine yourself first before making stuff like these.”
“That is China for you.”
“It’s not one-hundred percent identical so it’s okay (end sarcasm).”
“Did they actually get permission for this?”
“Just what were they thinking?”

Indeed, perhaps a deep introspection and a clearer understanding of copyright laws is necessary for whoever made this. It is not known if Nintendo will be taking action, but seeing them clamping down on Tokyo’s real-life Mario Kart makes us suspect that there may be some sort of warning at the least.

Source: YouTube/FNN, Yahoo! Japan via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
Insert images: YouTube/FNN