Local merchants, and their noses, are offended by the months-long string of piles of vandalism in Japan’s otaku mecca.

Once, Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood was a place to do one thing and one thing only: shop. You got off the train at Akihabara Station, walked into a store, walked out with a bag full of video games, electronics parts, and/or anime merch, and then you got back on the train and went home.

That’s no longer the case, though. The otaku culture boom has turned Akihabara into one of Tokyo’s most energetic districts, with a constant carnival-like charge in the air. Sure, it’s still the best place on the planet to shop for otaku stuff, but there are also fan events, concerts, and even delicious restaurants in the Akihabara of today.

Unfortunately, though, one man also thinks Akihabara is now a great place to take a steaming dump on the street.

Kosaku Nakajima is the owner of Chatora, the model railroad shop in Akihabara seen in the above photo. On a recent day, with the temperature rising, Nakajima opened up one of his shop’s windows to let in some fresh air, and instead got a lungful of poop fumes, as someone had dropped a load right underneath the pane of glass.

▼ Nakajima, pictured at top left, talks to reporters from Japanese morning program Toku Da Ne


Sadly, this wasn’t an isolated incident. Nakajima says that he was the victim of the serial crapper roughly 10 times between April and June. On at least two of those occasions, he saw the same man doing the deed, and one time was able to snap a picture of him mid-poo. He’s since put up a poster asking anyone who sees the man to contact the police.

Nakajima isn’t the only victim, either. The shop directly across the street from Chatora has also had feces left in front of it, and locals report at least two other observed poo points in the immediate area, one against a power pole and one by yet another neighborhood store.

Those of you with especially compassionate hearts might be wondering if the poo-plopping perpetrator is simply suffering from the world’s worst luck and being struck by a sudden urge to use the bathroom, and that the acts aren’t intentional or premeditated. However, there’s no shortage of public restrooms in heavily developed and visitor-friendly Akihabara, and Toku Da Ne counts at least three within a 300-meter (984-foot) radius of Chatora.

“I want him to come and apologize,” says Nakajima. “Why is he doing this? Does he have some sort of grudge against me, or is this just vandalism? I want him to show his face.” His anger and frustration are certainly understandable, though if we were in Nakajima’s shoes, we’d probably also ask the guy to wash his hands before making any in-person apology.

Sources: J Cast via Livedoor News via Hachima Kiko
Top image: Pakutaso
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