Wagyu Burger opens in Tokyo, serving up highest-grade beef at reasonable prices

A5 Wagyu is just the start of what makes this is a burger to remember.

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Otaku geek makeovers by Tokyo fashion expert go viral in Japan

From geek to chic–improving men’s looks and their confidence in just a few short hours. 

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All of Tokyo available as a free 3-D scale model right now!

Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo, anyone?

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What to buy at Daiso’s new Standard Products store in Tokyo

Look out, Muji and Ikea — this 100-yen store chain is coming to steal your customers.

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Upcoming Making of Harry Potter exhibition in Tokyo now has a website and a promotional video

It’s happening! The Making of Harry Potter really is coming to Tokyo!

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Hanami on the go — Take a whirlwind bus tour of the best cherry blossom spots in Tokyo

See the best sakura that Tokyo has to offer all in one trip!
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Couple rob real estate agent during open house, escape with US$1.84

My sofa cushions steal more than that in an average week.

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S.RIDE taxi cars in Tokyo will soon become moving ad galleries with new advanced window tech

Rather than Fast and Furious, taxi passengers will be Fast and hopefully more Curious about the latest goods and services offered in the local area.
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Tokyo likely to reduce age limit on kids in opposite-sex public baths, report says

Current age limit is well above the cutoff line for embarrassment, survey says.

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What’s it like to watch a sumo tournament in Tokyo during the pandemic?

We take you through a day at the sumo, with all-new procedures, restrictions and perks for spectators.

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No hanami party this year? Hit multiple sights with a guided cherry blossom taxi tour instead!

Let a certified guide take you on a tour of the best cherry blossom sights in Tokyo!

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Cursed sites of Tokyo: A love shrine with 7 mysteries and a vengeful samurai ghost

Dark details you won’t find in travel guides to Japan. 

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Tokyo experiences drop in population for seventh consecutive month

The higher rates of coronavirus infection and continuing State of Emergency in the nation’s capital are said to be behind the exit of residents.

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This is the absolute worst train to fall asleep on in Tokyo…or wait, maybe it’s the best?【Pics】

Oversleep and miss your stop on this train and you’ll be stranded in the middle of nowhere, which might just be the start of a beautiful adventure.

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Living the hotel life across Japan – Monthly plan lets you jump between 35 hotels, 12 prefectures

Want to hop between Tokyo, Kyoto, and everywhere else between Hokkaido and Kumamoto? This is the plan for you.

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Surprise someone with an exlusive rental of a super V.I.P rooftop sauna, complete with sushi chef

Spend a luxury evening with up to three other people with this Finnish-Japanese sauna!

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Instant Tokyo nostalgia – Beautifully bittersweet brand-new video looks like it was shot 17 years ago

Walk through Shibuya and Harajuku feels like a stroll through a future past.

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Tokyo woman, only person to win court case against Japan’s public broadcaster, told to pay up

Recent ruling overturns win in landmark case.

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Does Tokyo need a legal limit on kids’ video game playing time? Governor gives opinion

One year after Kagawa capped kids’ playtime, will Tokyo follow suit?

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How much money do you need for a studio apartment in downtown Tokyo?

Daydreaming about getting a place in Japan’s capital? You might be able to make it a reality.

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