Video shows more than a dozen men getting immediately and physically punished for violating subway rules.

Japan, famously, has women-only train and subway cars, which many railway operators have come to see as a necissary precaution against chikan, gropers who take advantage of crowded conditions to cop a feel on female passengers who can’t escape or easily identify them.

However, Japan isn’t the only country in the world with women-only cars. Japanese Twitter user @Campaign_Otaku recently shared a video of a women-only car in India, one which over a dozen men had ignored the policy and hopped into. As the train pulled into the station, rifle-wielding police were waiting for them, and not just to give them a stern warning, but to slap as many of them as they could upside their heads.

Along with the video, @Campaign_Otaku tweeted:

“A storm of police slappings occurred when his Delhi subway train arrived at the station with many men riding in the women-only car. On subways in Japan, there are middle-aged men who ride in the women-only cars like they own the place, and when they get cautioned by the station workers, they flip out at them. I wish these police officers would slap those guys too.”

The on-site administration of justice startled Japanese commenters, some of whom were happily surprised and envious of such swift, direct repercussions.

“I wonder if there’s a way we can introduce this system in Japan?”
“I want this to become the norm for dealing with situations like this, but in Japan it’d be seen as police brutality…Japan has become the kind of place where people complain about applying common sense to problems.”
“A slap to the face is a half-hearted solution. Wouldn’t it be better to kick them in the balls?”
“Giving anyone who spots a chikan the right to kick them in the balls would get rid of them real quick.”

Others, though, weren’t sure that giving officers the authority to act as judge, jury, and slapper is the sort of system they want to commute under.

“Doling out slaps to the face as a punishment without going through proper judicial processes isn’t compatible with the rule of law.”
“Is it OK for the police to use such violent methods?”
“What if there’s some pervert who enjoys getting slapped? Wouldn’t this make him more likely to ride in the women-only car?”

While the video is currently attracting attention online in Japan, it turns out it’s actually from 2010, and in addition to getting slapped, the violators were also fined 250 rupees (US$3.50). Still, the million-plus views @Campaign_Otaku’s tweet has racked up show that a lot of commuters in Japan are still extremely frustrated with chikan, even as Japan’s police force has less aggressive ways of subduing criminals.

Source: Twitter/@Campaign_Otaku via Hachima Kiko, AFP BB News
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