Are you prepared to die? No, seriously. Are you?

While Japan is into horror that seems innocent at first, they’re also into seeing some seriously scary stuff, no matter what the cost. If you’re a horror junkie, the plot and effects of Antrum, a movie that claims to have been originally filmed in 1979 (more on that below), won’t come as a surprise to you. If you’re new to the game, though, here’s the rundown.

It’s a bit of a movie within a movie. You’re introduced to the film by its team of creators at Else Films who proclaim, “This movie is not safe.” They claim to have recovered the only surviving copy of a 1979 film called Antrum; it’s about a young boy and girl that dig a hole to Hell after their dog dies. That doesn’t sound too scary, right? Well, what’s scary about the film is that apparently if you watch the movie and see a certain part, you’ll die shortly after.

“The movie that kills you if you watch it is going to be screened in Japan.”

According to the filmmakers in the mockumentary, a Budapest film festival in 1988 started the rumor after the building suddenly caught fire, killing all of the 56 attendees inside. This trend of film festival attendees dying shortly after viewing continued in 1993 when a San Francisco building exploded and took over 30 lives. Whether or not you choose to believe this is up to you; but are you really willing to take the chance?

And now it’s ready to take lives in Japan. The film will be shown in theaters throughout the country for those brave enough to test the theory. The movie itself is supposed to be pretty scary, but we’ll let you decide whether or not it’s worth risking your life.

Japanese netizens reacted to the announcement with understandably mixed opinions.

“I’m going to protect myself and choose to not see it.”
“Since the makers haven’t died, I think it’s a lie.”
“It sounds a bit like Pet Sematary. I wonder what’s shown?”
“You’ll die even if you don’t see the movie! Ta da!”
“I want to know, will you not die if you don’t see it?”

We’re just as curious as netizens, but we also value our lives. After all, there’s so much to look forward to in Japan in 2020, like the sweltering Summer Olympics!

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Featured image: Twitter/@pisiinu
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