Fancy having a private 20-seat cinema at your doorstep? You can get exactly that for an affordable monthly rent of $525.

Renting an apartment in Japan can be expensive, and unless you plan on living with ghosts, it’s hard to find reasonably cheap accommodation with attached facilities.

That’s where “social apartments” come in, providing high-quality shared amenities like stylish kitchens and lounges where residents can socialize and have fun without breaking the bank.

Films Wako is a social apartment complex located in Wako City in Saitama, a stone’s throw away from Tokyo. What sets it apart from the rest is that it also includes a luxurious 20-seat movie theater equipped with surround sound and a 4K projector.

▼ Watch your favorite movies in an easily-accessible private cinema.

The projector also comes with screen mirroring functions, allowing people to watch YouTube videos or Netflix series in comfort. And the great thing is that when you’ve had enough of movies for the night, just leave and head off to your own apartment room.

▼ Relax and chill out with friends over coffee in a spacious lounge.

The building that houses Films Wako was built in July 1992 with reinforced concrete construction, and is located just a nine minute’s walk from a train station that can whisk residents to the heart of Tokyo.

There’s plenty of rooms to choose from, as a total of 123 studio apartment are available in the five-storey complex, each ranging from 13.4 to 16.9 square meters (44 to 55.4 square feet). Its two-year rent plan varies from 58,000 to 66,000 yen (US$524 to $596) per month, which excludes management fees, water, and electrical expenses.

▼ Challenge housemates to a game of billiards…

▼ …or work on projects and study in a cozy cafe environment.

Although Films Wako officially opens in October, interior viewing is already available to the public. Once opened, residents can enjoy various movie collaborations, events, workshops and organized activities centered around the theater to enrich their living experience in Japan.

Films Wako may be the perfect apartment for movie buffs, but people with little interest in films can still enjoy the various amenities on offer for a very reasonable price. The biggest drawback for some may be the nine-minute walk to the train station, and if that’s a dealbreaker, then how about having a train station on the first floor instead?

Source: AV Watch via Otakomu
Images: AV Watch