Because we’re always looking for new ways to get a dose of vitamin E, right?

Be honest: how many times have you caught yourself thinking, “Man, I’m really craving crickets and almonds right now, but I don’t feel like buying both“? If your answer is “zero”, that’s probably a normal answer.

But in all seriousness, you can find gourmet insects in Japan as snacks or garnishes, even for ramen. This growing popularity is probably why edible insect company Takeo decided to release some new gourmet cricket snacks.

▼ Your morning coffee will never taste the same again. Trust us.

These Hiroshima Crickets were raised in–you guessed it–Hiroshima Prefecture. What makes them unique is that they were fed a diet rich in almonds, which gives them some of the aroma, flavor, and nutritional benefits of the tree nuts.

▼ There are two different versions for twice the snacking!

Hiroshima Crickets are available in two versions: dried or roasted. The dried crickets are actually only half-dried, so when you let these frozen treats thaw and then heat them up a bit, you get a mouthful of tender and juicy cricket flavor with a touch of almonds. The roasted ones don’t need to be frozen, so they’re perfect to bring as a snack on your morning commute!

▼ They also taste good as a dessert garnish, apparently.

Since they’re gourmet, though, they come with a gourmet price. The dried crickets are 2,280 yen (US$21) a bag, and the roasted ones are going for 2,080 yen on Takeo’s webshop. But, hey, these crispy insects are like the fatty tuna of the edible insect world.

So if you’re looking for a new kind of snack to go with your dark cricket ale that will give you a good dose of vitamin E, oleic acid, and linoleic acid–and freak your friends out–keep an eye out for Takeo’s gourmet crickets in Japan. Or you could, you know, just buy some almonds.

Sources: Entabe via PR Times
Images: PR Times
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