What do you get when you put sweet, salty, and nutty together in one snack? Pure addiction.

With K-pop taking over the globe and and Japanese girls’ hearts, it’s no surprise that more and more Korean foods are popping up in Japanese stores. We just didn’t expect them to be this delicious.

Today’s SoraNews24 snack choice is actually from South Korea. When P.K. Sanjun got a package of these Honey Butter Mix Nuts as a souvenir, his new snacking addiction began. You see, he loves honey, he loves butter, and he loves nuts; this triple punch was enough to make him actually yell, “This is delicious!!” when he had his first taste.

▼ Everything on the package seems to be enjoying life as well.

P.K. Sanjun admitted that while he had never tried drugs, he imagines that the taste and effects of Honey Butter Mix Nuts is something close to it; it ranks as one of the most addictive snacks he’s ever tried.

The full and fatty flavor of the nuts is enhanced by the salt of the butter, and yet balanced out with the sweetness of honey. The sheer size of the nuts (go ahead and snicker – you know you want to) makes it feel like such a wholesome snack, but at the same time, your brain is screaming for more nuts.

▼ “More nuts! More nuts!”

P.K. Sanjun believes in the power of Honey Butter Mix Nuts so much that he had everyone on the SoraNews24 editing team try some. The result was smiles all around, with not one person saying they weren’t anything less than tasty.

“This is way better than I was expecting.”
“I’m going to buy this right away.”
“Can I have some more?”

▼ By unanimous vote, Honey Butter Nuts is now an official snack of the SoraNews24 editing team.

If you’re in Japan, you may have seen mini packages of them at places like Don Quijote for 148 yen (US$1.37), but here’s some information you might not know: the Don Quijote Shin-Okubo branch has an even bigger size for 780 yen!

▼ Here’s what the smaller package looks like.

▼ It probably won’t surprise you that P.K. Sanjun has about three of these bad boys stocked up at home.

You know what would go good with these? Some tapioca beer, or maybe even some insect snacks.

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