edible insects

Gourmet crickets raised on an almond-rich diet now available for snacking in Japan

Because we’re always looking for new ways to get a dose of vitamin E, right?

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Get those gains and a protein boost with Muji’s newest, limited edition cricket crackers

Like my grandmother always says, don’t knock it until you try it.

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Now you can order insect ramen to eat at home

If you’re bored with the regular tonkotsu or miso ramen, why not give this a try?

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Dark ale made with crickets coming to Shibuya this March

Insects aside, it’s just nice to get more variety in the dark ale market in Japan.

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We try insect snacks from this vending machine in Tokyo, and get a bonus surprise in the capsule

Our insects come with something heavy, metallic, and nothing to do with insects at all.

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Eating a bag of Rhino Beetles from Kumamoto’s bug-food vending machine【Taste test】

Our intrepid reporter completely loses his cool biting into the sizable bugs.

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Vending machine selling edible bugs is an instant hit in Kumamoto, generates about $4,600 a month

Fancy some crunchy diving beetles or irresistible pupae?

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Vending machine in Kumamoto to offer delicious insect snacks, let you munch them on the go

Supplementing your diet with an alternative protein source will be easier than ever.

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Great deals on edible scorpions and more at Village Vanguard this holiday season!

Big savings on scorpions not enough? Okay, they’ll throw in larva and crickets too!

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Learn to make realistic-looking, edible insects with these cool tutorials【Videos】

Here are some creepy crawlies we wouldn’t mind coming across in our kitchen.
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We visit “Rice and Circus,” a restaurant that combines bugs and Japanese-style cooking【Photos】

Hakuna matata, right?

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We try eating insects — they don’t taste like chicken

Insect cuisine is popular in Thailand, where insect farms are booming as farmers try to keep up with demand by breeding cricket snacks and ant-egg omelet meals to satisfy this growing market. And, lucky you, the bug-eating trend is going international!

Who’d eat insects, you ask? Me, of course!

Don’t act so surprised. Japan has a history of devouring insects and other fun fare, referred to as getemono or, inferior foods. While most Japanese people will turn their noses up at such “delicacies” they probably won’t deny that restaurants, called getemonoya, were once common and that during war times, eating such food was often necessary. The good news is that Jiminy Cricket actually tastes pretty good! And, he’s nutritious.

Join our vegetarian, insect-eating reporter as she crunches and munches her way through some of Japan’s finest insect cuisine that we promise you won’t find in the Michelin Guide.

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