Super easy, super affordable, and super delicious.

Going out for gyoza is one of life’s great pastimes, and a great place to do that is Osaka Ohsho, a no-frills Chinese chain restaurant headquartered in Osaka. They have branches all around Japan, and they’re known for their delicious and affordable gyoza.

But in times like these, it’s not always practical to go out to eat. That’s why Osaka Ohsho has suggested some ways to amp up your gyoza when you have them at home.

Even better, it’s something you can likely only do at home, since doing it at one of their restaurants would result in a lot of strange looks.

▼ Behold, their secret recipe: Tuna Mayo Gyoza.

Now, you may be thinking: “Can you even call putting tuna and mayonnaise on gyoza a recipe?”

We’d argue yes, since it’s something you may not have thought of on your own. Tuna and mayonnaise onigiri? Sure, we’ve tried that. Tuna mayonnaise gyoza? Nope, haven’t heard of that before!

But the biggest question was, how does it taste? For that, our Japanese-language reporter Yuuichiro Wasai, also known as the SoraNews24 master of sushi-eating hacks, decided to try this out in his own kitchen.

▼ Making it is as simple as it sounds.

Following the Osaka Ohsho Tweet’s instructions, all Yuuichiro needed to do was combine a can of tuna, mayonnaise to his liking, and black pepper for a bit of a kick. Then he topped off his pan-fried gyoza with the tuna mixture and dug in. Personally, he thought it tasted delicious when he added a ton of black pepper to the tuna.

▼ The amount of mayo is also customizable, which is great if you’re watching your calories.

If you try this recipe yourself at home, another eating option is to leave the black pepper out of the tuna mixture and instead shake a thick layer of it onto some vinegar to create a simple dipping sauce.

▼ If it looks like it’s too much pepper, you’re doing it right.

Some may argue that eating gyoza with its normal tare dipping sauce is just as easy to make, but this arrangement has the added bonus of omega-3 fatty acids.

▼ Good for your brain and good for your stomach.

In the original Tweet, Osaka Ohsho recommended trying this recipe with pan-fried niku gyoza (meat-filled gyoza), but we think tuna is a good topper for any type of gyoza.

Another recipe introduced on the Osaka Osho Twitter combines vanilla ice cream with gyoza tare dipping sauce.

▼ The picture makes it look appetizing, right?

Since Yuuichiro had some vanilla ice cream and gyoza tare on hand, he decided to try this out, too.

▼ Simple? Yes.
Delicious? Well…

▼ …honestly, he thinks you’d be better off with the tuna and gyoza recipe.

So whether you’re looking to make your gyoza a bit more filling or a bit more flavorful, consider adding some tuna and mayo on top!

Or, if you’re having more of a hankering for carbs than protein, you could always plop the gyoza all onto a hot dog bun and make an Osaka Osho-inspired gyoza hot dog too.

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