Osaka Ohsho

Osaka Ohsho Chinese restaurant chain serves curry? We try it out, then find something crazier

Osaka Ohsho is really branching out with these new dishes. 

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Osaka gyoza chain teaches simple way to take your gyoza to the next level【SoraKitchen】

Super easy, super affordable, and super delicious.

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Our dreams have come true, a ramen donut exists!

We love to talk about food. Whether we’re salivating about new food, getting grossed out by weird combinations, or pining away about foods we can’t eat anymore, the topic of food is rarely far from our lips. There are certain foods that we always sit up and take notice for. One is ramen, a wonderful delicacy of Japan, and another is donuts, the staple breakfast food of an office worker. So, what happens when you mash those two worlds together?

A ramen donut, obviously.

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