Amazingly talented artist also shows off Elden Ring cosplay.

Recently, Japanese cosplayer and Twitter user @beruka225 decided she wanted to dress up as Ashitaka, the wandering warrior prince from Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke. That’s a good call, as the movie remains one of the all-time great theatrical anime, and Ashitaka’s costume has just the right mix of complexity and fan recognition that allows a cosplayer to really let their creative skills fly.

There’s only one problem with cosplaying as Ashitaka, though, which is that if you see him, you can’t help wondering where Yakul, his red elk steed and travel partner, is. So if @beruka225 was going to really make an Ashitaka outfit, she needed to make a Yakul too.

Not to knock the impressive work with needle and thread that went into the clothing, but how do you even go about making an entire cosplay animal? @beruka225 started by using sunpleca, a kind of polyethylene foam, to form Yakul’s body and horns. She then covered the body sections with fake fur, trimming, supplementing, and dying the fibers as needed. For the nose she used papier-maché, and Yakul’s eyes are orbs of reflective resin, chosen to catch the light and shine during photography.

@beruka225 also crafted Ashitaka’s weaponry, using a wood grain-motif wrapping and adding touches to the individual arrows to give them the proper worn look of feudal-era instruments of war.

It clearly took a long time, but the end results, captured with the help of photographer @Pan_nu_photos, are absolutely incredible, especially when surrounded by the natural scenery of a Japanese forest.

Obviously, you don’t go to all this trouble without being a pretty huge Princess Mononoke fan, and you don’t become a fan of the film without also having a deep fondness for the monster princess herself. So, naturally, @beruka225 has also put together a San cosplay outfit, complete with not just one, but two giant wolf companions.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what @beruka225 could do with more recent source material, here she is cosplaying as Ranni the Witch, from smash-hit video game/linguistic mystery-maker Elden Ring.

Come to think of it, the hero of Elden Ring also rides a horned steed, named Torrent, on his travels throughout the realms, so if @beruka225 has the crafting materials left over, maybe she’ll make a Torrent to go with her Yakul.

Source: Twitter/@beruka225 via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@beruka225
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