One unusual medium for two very different characters.

Usually when an anime fan puts together a high-quality cosplay outfit, it involves a lot of time with needle and thread, recreating fashions more stylistically stylish than what you can buy off the rack in real-world shops. But though Japanese Twitter user Dr. Mtan (@mtan78) just put the finishing touches on an incredible costume, it’s not clear if he has any sewing skills whatsoever.

That’s not an issue, though, because his cosplay project is of Turn A Gundam, the hero mecha of the 1999 anime TV series of the same name. However, in recreating the giant robot Dr. Mtan didn’t employ any metalworking or plastic crafting techniques either, and instead built the mobile suit out of cardboard.

Earlier this month he gave a sneak preview by sharing a photo of himself wearing the distinctive mustachioed head of the Syd Mead-designed robot, and this week he showed off the final product!

Dr. Mtan says putting the whole thing together took about a month and a half, which seems like incredibly speedy work for such a complex and polished costume.

It’s not like he only bothered to make it look good from the front. Swing around to the backside, and you’ll see that he made sure to include the Turn A Gundam’s intricate accouterments that are supposed to be there too.

Designing and building the cardboard cosplay outfit aren’t the only impressive feats Dr. Mtan pulled off, as he also managed to strap the entire thing all by himself, as shown in this video where he starts with a cuirass-like piece and adds the other armor plates around it.

As for what’s next on his schedule, he looks to be in the middle of another unmistakable anime mecha, Giant Robo.

Don’t take this to mean that Dr. Mtan’s skills are only applicable to inorganic inspirations, however, as he’s also put together an extremely convincing cardboard cosplay of Martin Riggs

…the character played by Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon movie series.

That’s some eclectic taste in characters, to be sure, but we have to admit that we’d watch an Avengers-style team-up movie of the three in a heartbeat.

Source: Twitter/@mtan78 via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@mtan78
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