Legendary anime studio will answer questions about Hayao Miyazaki’s 1997 classic via Twitter.

Few films capture the imagination quite like the works of Studio Ghibli. Filled not just with amazing visuals and stirring soundtracks, but eclectic inspirations, rich symbolism, and subtle character moments, Ghibli’s anime aren’t just captivating to watch, but compelling to think about from a variety of angles.

So there’s good reason to be very excited right now, as Ghibli is asking for fans to send in questions about Princess Mononoke, which will then be answered via the official Ghibli account!


Ghibli anime are shown on broadcast TV in Japan every summer, and this Friday Nippon TV will be presenting Princess Mononoke, the 1997 classic which was billed as director Hayao Miyazaki’s final project before retiring (update: he changed his mind). Prior to the movie’s 9 p.m. start time, fans can send in questions by replying to the thread below from Nippon TV’s Kinyo Roadshow (“Friday Movie Roadshow”) Twitter account and including the hashtag #もののけ姫の質問 (“Princess Mononoke question”). A number of questions will be selected, and Ghibli staff will answer them through the studio’s official Twitter account during the Princess Mononoke broadcast.

▼ The Ghibli account reacted to Nippon TV’s question solicitation tweet with this image of the Great Forest Spirit chuckling in anticipation.


Again, questions must be submitted as replies to the Kinyo Roadshow tweet here, with answers coming from the Studio Ghibli account. With Twitter being a worldwide platform, questions from overseas fans are presumably OK too, as long as they’re written in Japanese, so if there’s something you’ve always wanted to know about Princess Mononoke, get typing!

Source: Twitter/@kinro_ntv via Otakomu
Top image: Studio Ghibli (edited by SoraNews24)
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