Goro Miyazaki models two pieces of real-world Ghibli anime fashion.

Ghibli Park isn’t like most other theme parks. You won’t find any roller coasters, dark rides, or parades at the Aichi Prefecture facility inspired by the anime films of Studio Ghibli. Instead the focus is on artistry, atmosphere, and environment, with recreations of locations and scenes from the studio’s animated works.

However, Ghibli Park does still offer special merchandise for sale within the park, and a recent sneak peek from its official Twitter account shows two items that are sure to go on fans’ shopping lists.

“Currently in a very serious meeting about new products,” says the tweet’s text, accompanied by a pair of photos of Goro Miyazaki, the creative head of Ghibli Park planning.

In the left picture, he’s dressed in a yukata kimono bearing the kanji character for abura (油), as in Aburaya, the bathhouse of the gods in Spirited Away, and mixed in among the kanji is the face of No-Face. Compared to ordinary kimono, yukata are made of lighter material, and they’re commonly worn by patrons at bathhouses and hot springs in Japan,

▼ One commenter spliced the Aburaya-wearing Miyazaki into the scene from the anime.

Meanwhile, in the right photo Miyazaki is modeling a real-world version of something from another certified Ghibli classic: San’s necklace from Princess Mononoke. It’s a suitably wild look, but not so much that it would look out of place as part of an otherwise modern outfit.


No pricing or release dates have yet been mentioned, but with Ghibli Park’s Princess Mononoke expansion, Mononoke Village, scheduled to open this fall, it seem like the necklace, and by extension the yukata being previewed at the same time, will be available by then.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@ghibliparkjp
Top image: Studio Ghibli

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