And there’s even a secret hidden inside.

It’s pretty amazing just how much more popular Gunpla, build-them-yourself Gundam plastic model kits, are than pre-made Gundam mecha figures in Japan. Maybe it’s a result of how pervasive the franchise’s in-anime pseudo-science is, but most fans would rather have the Gundam on their shelf be something they put together component by component than something that was already a finished product when they paid for it.

That joy of starting from scratch and finishing with a completed Gundam is something that Japanese Twitter user @seirei526 knows very well, as he’s recently completed his build of the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial, mecha star of the currently airing Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury. But if you’re a fellow Gundam fan, you’ll probably notice that @seirei526’s Aerial looks different from the official Gunpla one…

…because @seirei526’s is made of Legos.

Yes, instead of purchasing a box filled with sheets of snap-out parts and detailed instructions, @seirei526 was armed with nothing other than a stockpile of Lego blocks and the skills to turn them into the giant robot. Compared to other Gundams, the Aerial has a more svelte design, which must have added an additional degree of challenge when working with the bricks.

And yet, @seirei526’s creation looks so polished that if we didn’t know otherwise, we’d readily believe that this was an officially licensed Gundam Aerial Lego set with exclusive special pieces designed just for it.

@seirei526 even went to the effort to craft the Aerial’s shield and the extra accouterments of its Bit On Form.

More proof of how thoroughly thought-out @seirei526’s Aerial is: at 50 centimeters (19.7 inches) tall it’s specifically sized to be a 1:36-scale model, and there’s an Ericht Samaya stand-in inside.

@seirei526 also mentions that his supportive wife offered him a “sponsorship” based on the number of likes he got for his tweet showing the completed build, and considering the huge response it got from other Twitter users, hopefully he’s got enough funds to finance his next amazing Lego project.

Source: Twitter/@seirei526 via Otakomu
Images: Twitter/@seirei526
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