Hollywood is making a live-action Gundam movie that’s sure to please…well, probably no one

Legendary Entertainment is ready to roll the dice on adapting the biggest anime mecha series of all time for the overseas live-action movie market.

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Ultimate Gundam ranking being held nationwide including all series and movies, voting on now!

It’s time to stand up and be counted, and help choose the coolest stuff to ever come out of the entire 40-year universe of Gundam.

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Anime mecha Gundam will appear in Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One【Video】

Old-school anime robot icon makes its Hollywood debut in adaptation coming next year.

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Japan vs. USA giant robot duel scheduled this month 【Video】

As the robot duel grows closer, Megabots Inc has been giving fans video updates on their progress upgrading their robot.

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Japanese housewife wows Twitter users with replica of Sakura Wars mecha

Are we sure she’s not actually out all day fighting space aliens?

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Toy Story’s Woody and pals join to form “Super Mecha Toy Story Robot Sheriff” 【Pics/Vid】

Now THIS is a real space ranger!

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Original Taiwanese mecha anime smashes crowdfunding goal

This awesome-looking original mecha anime from Taiwan is killing it on the Asian equivalent of Kickstarter.

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Centuries of tradition and the Mobile Suit designer bring us Gundam and Zaku sake cups

Who said sake cups have to be boring?

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Japanese company builds giant robot you could be piloting right now

Chiba Prefecture’s Wonder Festival is a bi-annual figure and model expo. The event’s bread and butter is figurine of anime and video game characters, in both frighteningly realistic and sexily unrealistic varieties.

But while the first thing most people associate with the event is toys, if your model is made of metal instead of plastic or urethane, and it’s self-propelled to boot, you’ve crossed the line of three-dimensional art and moved into straight-up engineering. Of course, Wonder Festival’s exhibitors aren’t going to stray too far from their fanciful roots, so what do you get when you combine technology with science fiction? You get this amazing giant robot, which is so easy to pilot that attendees could test drive it.

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Abu Dhabime? Middle Eastern mech anime ‘Torkaizer’ turns Japan’s heads with trailer

Japanese animation has over the course of its evolution branched out into several sub-genres based on the proliferating light novels and manga series. While this is great, it seems as though the once-loved era of giant fighting robots seems to be slipping away.

Gundam‘s still chugging along and Evangelion has been enjoying its reboot, but there hasn’t been a whole lot new going on. Enter Abu Dhabi-based Alter Ego Productions with their trailer for Torkaizer which offers a fresh look on a classic genre.

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$1.25 Million Giant Robot On Sale Now, Over 3,000 Orders Accepted From Around the World

Earlier this year, we reported on the world’s first boardable, commercially available mecha (aka giant robot).  At the time, KURATAS, standing at 3.8 meters tall and weighing in at 4,500 kilograms (about 5 tons), was not yet available for purchase and we were only given a vague release date of “sometime later this year.”  Fans of Gundam/things that are awesome were left in the dark, wondering when their dream of owning a diesel-powered robot would finally be realized.

Ladies and Gentlemen, “sometime later this year” is NOW!

Suidobashi Heavy Industry is currently accepting orders for KURATAS at the cool price of 100 million yen (US $1.25 million).

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Japan Builds 13-Foot Kinect-Operated Robot You Can Ride, On Sale Later This Year

Just when we were starting to fear that the best and brightest of Japan were squandering their talent on robotic butts and squeezing milk from 2D images, along comes Suidobashi Heavy Industry with KURATAS, a 3.8 meter (about 13 feet) tall boardable and semi-operational mecha controlled with Kinect.

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