plastic models

Limited edition Gundam models made of 100% Gundarium on sale

The fictional metal Gundarium was realized just for this model kit.

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Building the crazy-detailed PlayStation model is a surprisingly emotional trip down memory lane

A two-fifths-scale inside look at what made Sony’s original video game system work brings back some full-size reminders of something we should never forget.

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We bought a “Plastic Model Vegeta” lucky bag from Laox, got a model we really didn’t expect

To our surprise, it was not a lucky bag just devoted to Vegeta models, as we initially thought.

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Sentinel’s new geometric Pokémon statues will add a new dimension to your collection

Catch them all to upgrade your figure shelf!  

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Customizable minimalistic plastic bonsai trees let you enjoy zen gardening without all the fuss

They don’t wilt, don’t need water, and last way longer than real ones!

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New couple builds a promising life together with 3D-printed plastic model wedding favors

What better way to ensure your guests remember your big day than by giving them a tiny plastic model set of you and your spouse?

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Japanese netizens glad this rare Gundam accessory did not make it into plastic model kits

Rare it may be, this is one accessory that even die-hard fans are willing to skip.

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Make your kancho dreams a kancho reality with new, interconnecting KAN-CHO figures【Pics】

Now you too can create a never-ending chain of plastic people sticking their fingers into each others’ buttholes.

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Creepy-cool: “Plastic surgeon” artist creates dissections of popular character figures【Pics】

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of your plastic figures would look like, here’s the dark answer!

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Bandai to release life-like posable plastic figures to help you draw “realistic” epic poses

It seems like Bandai really wants us to get better at drawing. First they released the totally awesome and totally-not-just-for-kids Magic Illustrator, and now they’ve announced that they will be selling life-like posable figures for all of your human-sketching needs.

And what’s more, these figures come with dozens of sweet accessories, making it easier than ever to draw a someone wielding a sword, a deadly cellphone, or their own awesome lightning fists. Ready to never again lose friends by asking them to hold a pose while you carefully draw it? Then read on!

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Get your own angry mob of medieval Japanese peasant farmers with these collectable sets!

Fictional depictions of Japanese medieval warfare tend inevitably to focus on samurai, the military nobility. Whether the medium is cult movies or collectible models, Japan’s common foot-soldiers barely get a look-in compared to their samurai masters.

Ukrainian company Redbox, however, aims to buck this trend by producing plastic figurine sets of the Japanese peasant infantry.

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Amazing Japan Model Expo shows off creations creepy, cute, and undeniably gorgeous

It’s no exaggeration to sat that Japan is the plastic model capital of the world. There’s a tiny decorative version of pretty much anything you can imagine, from Gundam figures covered in actual moss to build-your-own gyoza.

To celebrate their love of all things models, Amazing Japan Model Expo 2015 invited model-crafters and sculptors from all over Japan to show off their goods built from a variety of materials, not just plastic. “Amazing Japan Model Expo” may be a bit of a silly name, but once you take a look at some of the incredible detail in these models, you’ll see that they easily lived up to the “amazing” part of the promise.

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