Five Japanese guys, five cool hairstyles: can they pull it off?

We’re a fan of asking Japanese hairstylists to turn us into all sorts of people both real and imaginary–like Demon Slayer characters–but this may be one of our most difficult challenges yet. We asked Japanese hairdressers to turn not one of us but five of us into the one and only David Beckham.

It all started when our Japanese-language reporter Takashi Harada was called into our boss Yoshio’s office for a serious talk. That’s when Yoshio quite frankly told him…

▼ “I want to become David Beckham.”

Takashi was totally thrown off guard, but he couldn’t exactly blame him. Even at 48 years old, Yoshio is still one of the most stylish guys around, and his hair is a big part of that.

So that was that. Not only was Yoshio going to turn into David Beckham, but five of our editorial staff in total would change identities: Mr. Sato, Yoshio, Takashi, Go Hatori, and Seiji Nakazawa. Each one decided on a different David Beckham signature hairstyle to pull off.

▼ Takashi: Beckham’s young nobleman look

▼ Go: Beckham’s man bun

▼ Seiji: the Beckham faux hawk

▼ Mr. Sato: Beckham’s cornrows

▼ Yoshio: Beckham’s pompadour

The team was amazed at how different all the hairstyles were, yet Beckham managed to pull off every single one of them. Their orders in mind, they headed to the salon.

▼ Their salon of choice: Better, in Shinjuku-sanchome.

The skilled team of stylists wasted no time in starting the transformations. Many of the styles would be dramatic ones, with some cutting off inches of hair and some trying brand new styles for the first time. In just a few hours, the transformations were complete.

As a side note, our editors brought their own golden hair wax and color spray to color their hair, with special permission from the hairstylists. Now let’s get to the Beckham style reveals.

Beckham One: Takashi’s Young Nobleman

Takashi thought it looked quite elegant from the back, just like he wanted. He wasn’t used to having such a fancy style, and if you saw him from really far away, he might just be mistaken for the real deal.

…well, until you look at the face.

All in all, he was pleased with how the cut looked from behind, but he didn’t think the front part suited his average middle-aged Japanese face very well.

Beckham Two: Seiji’s Faux Hawk

Seiji hadn’t had his hair cut in over two years, so going for a much shorter look was a leap for him.

Luckily, the faux hawk seemed to suit him!

Nice one! Seiji even went so far as to say it was his dream hairstyle. He hadn’t quite found a hairstyle that suited him this well until now. It’s all thanks to Yoshio, in a way, since it was his idea to turn everyone into David Beckham.

Beckham Three: Mr. Sato’s Cornrows

Mr. Sato’s look didn’t require much cutting, but it was bound to make a visual impact. It also turned out to be one of the most time consuming, clocking in at almost three hours.

Ta da!…well, sort of. Mr. Sato ended up looking more like a middle-aged rap artist than David Beckham. It still suits him, though!

Beckham Four: Yoshio’s Pompadour

This may be the most easily recognizable Beckham style of late, and Yoshio thought it looked pretty spiffy from the back.

It was his first shaved-side haircut, and he didn’t hate it. We thought it actually made him look more mature than before.

So there you have it: four of our staff turned into different version of David Beckham. “But wait, what about the man bun?” some of you eagle-eyed readers may be thinking. Well, that hairdo ended up a bit different than we intended…stay tuned for Part Two next week, where we’ll show you that haircut and some other Beckham-related shenanigans our team got up to.

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