What? Only us? So be it then.

During a recent weekly meeting, someone brought up that Good Spouse Day was fast approaching on 22 November. Although this is one of those unofficial holidays like Seaweed Day or Knee-High Socks Day, it’s always a good idea to celebrate one’s spouse, so we decided to do something special.

It was the site’s founder and eternal spring of “good” ideas, Yoshio, who came up with the plan for all of the office’s married staff dress up as their wives for a day. Since it was brought up during a video conference, a harmonious “Wha?!” could be heard from several off-camera wives, and it was settled.

A lineup of seven espoused team members were given a day to put something tasteful yet alluring from their wives’ closets together and wear it to work.

The next day, our resident bachelor Go Hatori came in early to document the parade of matrimonial cross-dressing that was to ensue. Go was camped out in front of the door when suddenly the knob began to turn…

Well, this is unexpected!

This wasn’t a planned visit at all, but it’s always a good time when Jamiroquai decides to pop in!

However, upon closer inspection this wasn’t virtual insanity at all, just our lovable scamp of a reporter Mr. Sato. Luckily, his wife prefers loose-fitting clothes which were no problem for our reporter to slip into, and that hat seemed almost made for him.

Suddenly the door creaked open again to reveal…

Oh no! It can’t be!

Everyone, it is our pleasure to welcome the godfather of manga himself, Osamu Tezuka!

However, it didn’t take long for it to dawn on Go that the creator of Astro Boy and Black Jack passed away decades ago. Instead this was just P.K. Sanjun in a sporty scarf and beret.

P.K. said that his wife was especially nervous about this project, as if her sense of style was going to be judged. Since she works in web design, style is something she takes very seriously and spent a lot of time choosing the best ensemble.

Oh! Who do we have here…

Just in time! This work was making Go thirsty so he was thrilled to see that a sommelier had wandered into the office.

However, just as he was about to ask for a wine list, Go noticed that it was actually Jun-kun from accounting.

Traveling on the Tokyo subway in women’s clothing can be a daunting experience for some men, but Jun-kun’s outfit was a cleverly discrete long black skirt that could easily pass for baggy pants at a glance.

However, Jun-kun’s wife didn’t really put that much thought into it. She said she just choose clothes that “looked like they wouldn’t tear easily.” Considering what goes on in this office, that’s a very reasonable concern.

Suddenly, Go’s heart started to race when the next staff member arrived…

With his hands trembling with excitement as he took pictures, Go shouted “Gyahhhh!!!” in a high-pitched shrill of jealousy.

Go himself is known to enjoy putting on women’s clothing from time to time and has developed a rather keen eye for casual women’s fashion. Ahiruneko‘s ensemble of clothes that his wife wore before she became pregnant, along with his general reputation being the office baby-face were enough to make Go declare him the winner then and there.

And that cute cap? Forget about it…

This actually wasn’t a competition, but Go was ready to make it one just so he could crown Ahiruneko the winner.

With just three more people to go, our very own Disney fanatic, Daiichiro Tashiro came in with a sensible one-piece dress but looking a little glum.

Although he was sporting some cute little Mickey Mouse sneakers, Daiichiro admitted that this dress was not part of the plan. “I was actually going to wear my wife’s Anna dress from Frozen,” he told us, “but my frame was too big and it didn’t fit…”

Although it was a sad development, it’s hard not to be happy knowing that he found someone who clearly shared his passion for Disney.

As the morning grew long, Go began to wonder where Yoshio was. After all, this whole thing was his idea. Maybe he chickened out in the…

Yoshio: “Hello!”

It turns out Yoshio was late because of all the effort he put into his outfit. He admitted that at first he wasn’t crazy about his own idea, but once he started to look through his wife’s closet he began to see the fun in it all.

In the end he decided to recreate her look from a trip to Hawaii they took, right down to the last detail.

How much detail you ask? Right down to the bare essentials. Yoshio asked his wife if it was okay to use her underwear and she replied, “Sure, just throw them away when you’re done.”

That just left one more person…

Oh my…

Hey, that’s probably close enough actually…

OK, here you are.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t until our last writer Yuichiro Wasai arrived that we had any serious conflict in sizes. As he slowly poured out of his wife’s clothes, he explained that after trying five different outfits, nothing fit.

It was only her miniskirt with a very elastic waist that worked, so he did what he had to do. In an effort to not show off too much skin, he draped a sweater over the top.

And there you have it. As Go watched these faithful husbands get to work in their wives’ hats and panties, he felt his heart swell with joy.

In a way, they each brought a piece of their happy home into the office and with it an element of warmth that these walls had never seen before.

Yes, there was to be no Mongolian wrestling with Hello Kitty or defecating at one’s desk today.

This truly was a Good Spouse Day, thanks to our own team of good spouses.

Go smiled as he photographed these happy husbands one last time, not only knowing that they were supported by strong, caring partners, but also knowing the perfect way to ambush Ahiruneko in the parking lot and roll him for his clothes later that evening.

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