In which The SoraNews24 Beckham Boys take on Tokyo.

Last week, we told you the start of our boss Yoshio’s journey to become David Beckham, and four more editors took on the challenge as well. We showed you four reporters’ journeys in Part One, but this week, we’ll tell you what happened to Go Hatori and how the team took on Tokyo.

▼ Here’s what Go wanted, just as a reminder.

The first plot twist: Go wasn’t in the hair salon with the rest of our Beckham Boys. Since his desired man bun style didn’t require a haircut, he opted to color and style it in the comfort of the SoraNews24 office. He thought it would be an easy enough job, but…

…maybe it was fate that Go was wearing suspenders this day, because…

…he ended up looking more like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic.

A little less David, a little more Jack.

Yes, Jack didn’t have a manbun, but he did have suspenders and blond hair.

Cue “My Heart Will Go On.”

Thankfully, he looked slightly more like David Beckham when he put on a soccer jersey. The five Beckhams gathered together for a photoshoot.

They even had Beckham uniforms!

Duct tape created the illusion of an arm band.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a David Beckham photoshoot without a free kick pose.

After the photoshoot, however, reality started to set in. The Beckham Boys began to realize they didn’t look like their favorite soccer star at all…

…they just looked like a Japanese futsal team.

They were still riding the high of having great hairstyles, though, so they took to the streets of Shinjuku to test their popularity.

The Beckham Boys gathered at the entrance to Kabukicho, which is frequented by tourists. They were hoping to perhaps be mistaken for the famous soccer player himself with their confident poses, but…

…they became a little shy.

As they traveled from landmark to landmark, they began to feel more and more like the Beckham Fanboys.

Why else would a group of middle-aged Japanese guys be walking around in winter with nothing but soccer uniforms?

In the end, it was an experience none of them regretted. Three of them tried new hairstyles for the first time, with Seiji especially finding his new favorite haircut.

And perhaps most importantly, the boss who dreamed of becoming David Beckham had the time of his life.

The team was also able to bond over a good Netflix binge.

The lesson we learned is that you’re never too old to achieve your dreams…or at least try to.

And thus ends our journey to become five versions of David Beckham. Which hairstyle is your favorite? Which reporter looks most like the worldwide soccer star? Let us know in a comment!

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