Most people boil, roast, or pop corn. Few process it, mix it with cream and sugar, and freeze it to create a cold summertime treat, yet that’s exactly what LOTTE has done with its “Corn Ice” now on sale in Korean supermarkets, Family Marts and other food stores.

The outside of the package has, oddly enough, an ear of corn on it, but it stands out because of its location in the freezer. What in the world is an ear of corn doing next to Fudgsicles and ice cream sandwiches? And what could it possibly taste like?

Inside the package is a long wafer in the shape of an ear of corn. Like a monaka, the wafer encases an ice cream filling, but it is no ordinary vanilla. It is laced with chocolate chips and kernels of corn.

The corn monaka brims with the taste of corn with a hint of sweetness, and it certainly threatens to make more than a few addicts out of those who never though they’d find themselves combining ice cream and corn. Add “Lotte Corn Ice” to the must-try list for a trip to Korea.

(Pictures = RocketNews24)