A new creamy delight for your next box of “McNugg.”

McDonald’s Japan has been known to get a little wild with their Chicken McNugget sauces every now and then, offering special treats like Lobster Mayo and Sour Cream & Onion flavors. But this time they’ve really outdone themselves with a brilliant idea: Corn Potage Sauce!

Based on the thick and creamy corn soup loved all over Japan, this sauce seems destined to be a perfect complement to some savory chicken nuggets.

Normally we’d send a reporter over to McDonald’s to check it out, but since that ain’t happening these days, our Japanese writer Tasuku Egawa ordered some at his shelter… located deep underground, if his pictures are any indication.

Tasuku wasted no time digging into his plentiful supply of three corn potage sauce packets. A smooth yellow sheen coated his now gold nugget. Sure enough, as it mingled with the warm chicken, it tasted just like a piping bowl of soup. The flavorologists at McDonald’s Japan were on their game once again.

A few nuggets in, Tasuku got to thinking. Now this might have been the several weeks in isolation talking, but he wondered if simply mixing this convincing tasting sauce with some hot water would yield a passable corn potage.

Tasuku didn’t remember getting it at all, but suddenly a bowl of hot water appeared on the table in front of him.

Our writer also wasn’t a very good cook, but with all the confidence of a three-star chef, he scooped up what he instantly knew was the right amount of sauce and mixed it into the water.

“Am I dreaming?” thought Tasuku as what felt like a mysterious hand was guiding his own in stirring the sauce into the bowl. “Why am I doing this?”

Then he abruptly stopped stirring and looked down on his creation.

It kind of looked okay. It was a corn-ish color and definitely retained the scent of corn potage. However, when he grabbed a spoonful his failure was evident.

What remained was cloudy water with little beige chunks floating around. Suddenly a long-repressed memory surfaced in Tasuku’s mind. This was exactly what happened when he was a child and tried to make mayonnaise soup.

However, this time the reason was obvious to adult Tasuku. The oil in the sauce and water simply didn’t mix. Perhaps if he used a machine he could combine it into something, but with a spoon it was impossible.

Had he given this any thought whatsoever beforehand he would have realized that and stopped. But he had made his wet, corny bed and now it was time to lie in it. Our writer went in for a taste.

It tasted like a heavily watered down corn soup and the chunks had a sour tinge to them. It was as if he had torn apart the delicate balance of flavors that had made the sauce so great in the first place. It was the disaster of the curry made with packets of curry flavored McNugget sauce all over again.

Still, it managed to kill an afternoon for Tasuku, so it wasn’t a complete disaster. As for the rest of us, Corn Potage sauce will be offered until 12 May along with a equally tempting Cheddar Cheese sauce, so be sure to have some delivered to your underground bunker or isolation balloon asap!

Photos: ©SoraNews24
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