Do you like a lot of corn on your pizza? Then you might be Japanese.

Apparently, in some parts of the world, it’s considered super weird to put corn on pizza, and often visitors to Japan will boggle at the sight of it on flyers for international pizza chains like Dominos or Pizza Hut. In Japan, however, corn is a basic component of your average pizza, and a relatively tame one at that. Being a country of adventurous epicures, Japan loves to get creative with pizza toppings. We’re talking teriyaki chicken, honey, potatoes, scallops, butter, extra mayo, natto… so why all the fuss about a relatively everyday, versatile veggie like sweetcorn?

We here at the RocketNews24 office LOVE corn on our pizza. In fact, we love it so much that we decided to splash out and ask Pizza Hut to add 7,500 yen, or around 75 bucks’ worth of the delicious yellow niblets to a pizza for us all to enjoy.


We put in a call to Pizza Hut for an L size, basic cheese and tomato pizza, and then asked them to load it up with sixteen individual servings of sweetcorn, which brought our 2,030 yen (US$19) pizza right up to 9,806 yen, coming in nicely under our allocated budget of 10,000 yen.


▼ After a tense half-hour wait, our pizza arrived at RocketNews24 HQ!


As you can see, the pizza was positively dripping with yellow gold. In fact, you can barely even see the pizza beneath that heaping pile of kernels.


▼ A cross section really shows how that corn is stacked several layers deep.


In fact, it was practically exploding with corn. We’ll be vacuuming corn out of the office carpet for weeks now.


▼ Naturally, all the writers came a-sniffin’.


An L size pizza provided 12 stomach-stuffing pieces, which meant everyone who was interested in getting ten times their recommended daily intake of corn was allocated two slices each.


For corn lovers, the pizza would be a great one-off treat if you happened to have a spare 75 bucks lying around (I mean, who doesn’t?!) but for sane pizza eaters, it’s probably better to go with one or two extra servings if you like a very corny pizza. At 75 bucks’ worth, you’re basically just eating a big pile of corn with a pizza on the side. Of course, it would also probably be cheaper to order a plain pizza and add a couple of cans worth of ready-prepared sweetcorn on top at home.

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