Toyota made waves by casting Japanese heartthrob Satoshi Tsumabuki as Nobita-kun in its live-action Doraemon commercials two weeks ago, but fans of the adapation of the popular cartoon were in for an even bigger shock the following week.

Toyota rolled its second wave of live-action Doraemon commercials off the line on November 18 with film star Jean Reno playing the role of Doraemon.

Doraemon has been parodied a number of times throughout his existence. We’ve seen everything from muscle-bound Doraemon to efforts so poor that the get-up doesn’t even resemble a robotic cat.

But Jean Reno? No way! Reno has obviously done his homework for this role, as he faithfully captures the feel of the dorayaki-loving anime character in real-life form.

The first wave of commercials created a sensation that now shows no signs of stopping. In any case, Toyota didn’t have to go as high as Jean Reno to do Manhattan’s creepy real-life Hello Kitty one better.

Live-Action Doraemon Commercial Cast

Doraemon – Jean Reno

Nobita – Satoshi Tsumabuki

Shizuka-chan – Asami Mizukawa

Jaian – Naoya Ogawa

Suneo – Tomohisa Yamashita


Source: Toyota Official Site TOYOTA ReBORN

© Fujiko Pro/Shogakukan/TV Asahi/Shin-ei/ADK
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