Noborito Station on the Odakyu Line got a Fujiko F. Fujio facelift! We take a trip through the Anywhere Door to check it out.

There are some Japanese characters that are instantly recognizable across the globe: Pikachu, for example, or Mario. Doraemon, the cat robot from the future from the manga of the same name, is hugely popular in Japan and around Asia, but has only recently been taking strides into English-language territory.

Doraemon is so beloved in his native Japan that there’s a museum dedicated to the manga artist team who brought him to life, Fujiko F. Fujio. The museum is found in Kawasaki, the city just south of Tokyo, and the nearest train station, Noborito, recently got a blue-white-and-red makeover to fashion it after the nation’s most famous feline robot, so we hopped on the train to go take a peek.

▼ And here we are!

As soon as you draw near to the gates Doraemon’s powerful influence is apparent. All of the decorations in the station are in his trademark red, white and cyan blue, and he and his whole cast of friends adorn the walls with super cute decals.

Even the trash cans are wreathed in his characteristic collar!

Elsewhere, the coin lockers have a tasteful grey-and-pink pattern, emblazoned with adorable Doraemon poses.

And don’t worry, the Doraemon magic doesn’t fade when you go to the bathroom. Gentlemen are treated to a classy Doraemon design, while ladies are treated to a cute print of his little sister, Dorami.

But the most exciting part for many fans will be the real-life Anywhere Door (Dokodemo Door in Japanese)! Every child in Japan dreams of one day stepping through Doraemon’s Anywhere Door, and finding themselves in some magical place on the other side.

▼ Spoiler: this Anywhere Door only ferries people from the platform to the ticket gate.

But the fun doesn’t end there! You can even sit on Doraemon at this station, on one of the cutest seats available!

And you can dash up the stairs accompanied by a flying Doraemon!

Even the ticket machines themselves are plastered in pictures of our plump little kitty pal!

If you want to soak up some Showa-era style, the trip to Noborito it only takes about 15 minutes from Shinjuku Station in downtown Tokyo if you catch the express. Don’t be too sad if you live outside the area though: you can experience an Anywhere Door from the comfort of your own home these days too.

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