A Yokohama Ward Office was shocked on 13 January, when they received a visit from the infamous immortal homicidal monster depicted in countless horror movies, Jason Voorhees. This time, however, rather than wielding a blood-stained machete, Jason hit the office with a donation of 10 Randoseru backpacks.

Randoseru are standard issue hard leather backpacks used by many elementary school students across Japan. Famous for their durability, they are also known to be incredibly expensive with the most popular brands costing between 8,000 and 25,000 yen (US$100-$320).

At 7pm on Friday the 13th, two mysterious men in their forties entered Yokohama’s Kōhoku Ward Office from the cold moonlit streets. “We wanted to do something for the children,” one of the men said.

Touched by the extremely generous gesture, ward office staff asked for their names. Initially the two men wished to remain nameless until, after glancing at a calendar, one of the men admitted in an embarrassed voice: “I‘m Jason.”

They then left the office, presumably to butcher dozens of promiscuous teenagers.

RocketNews24 would like to join the Kōhoku Ward office in thanking Mr. Voorhees and his anonymous companion (possibly Freddy Kruger, but this cannot be verified) for their “warm-hearted and extremely appreciated” donation. The backpacks are reportedly to be sent to a nearby orphanage where they will be given to children in need.

Be sure to check back next Halloween as we watch for Mike Myers volunteering at an animal rescue shelter.