Text messages sent from Arisa Miura, a city worker who died in the tsunami that struck Minami-Sanriku in Miyagi Prefecture, and her boyfriend were released to the press on March 5th. In the 5 texts, which were sent between the two lovers after the earthquake and before Miura was swept away, one can see the depth of their affection in their consideration for the other’s safety even in a hectic emergency situation.

According to Miura’s mother, Etsuko, “When her remains were located in January this year, that was the end of my last shred of hope that she might be alive, and it was really heart-breaking. It’s now been almost a year since the disaster and I can finally bring myself to read those texts.

The first text, sent 17 minutes after the earthquake at 3:03PM, was sent from Arisa to her boyfriend and reads, “A 6-meter tsunami is coming. I’ll do my best to stay safe.” A minute later, Arisa sent a text to her mother reading, “If the city hall is washed away, I’m sorry.” Because cell service was patchy, Etsuko didn’t receive the text until some days later.

At 3:11, Arisa’s boyfriend responded, “Don’t get yourself killed!” She replied, “I’m not going to die!! I love you!!” By this time, the river in front of the city office was overflowing its banks, and many of the workers had begun evacuating to the roof.

At 3:21, the man responded, “I love you too! It’s not so bad here,” followed by many heart icons.

The man was also working in a coast town in Miyagi, so when Arisa heard that he was safe, she replied, “Thank goodness!” That text was sent at 3:27. Moments later, “A really big tsunami has hit! I’m on the roof of the city hall, but what if it’s washed away? It looks like my car has already been swept off.”

The tsunami raged around them, mowing down all the houses in the area, and at 3:33 it reached the roof of the 3-story city hall, washing away the people sheltering there. The man continued sending messages, but never received an answer after that.

Arisa’s house was also destroyed in the tsunami, so most of her photos and other keepsakes were destroyed. In the fall of last year, Arisa’s boyfriend sent the photos and texts he had to her family.

Source Sponichi Annex