‘Call of Duty’ is a popular video game series, with new releases selling out, even in Japan. But did you know there’s a ‘Call of Duty’ that they won’t ever sell a localized Japanese version of, despite high acclaim everywhere else? We’re talking about ‘Call of Duty: World at War’.

Apparently the game features Japanese soldiers that yell out, “Long live the Emperor! Banzai!” as they charge at you. There are also supposed to be scenes of Japanese soldiers torturing their captives.

In reality, anyone can easily buy this game in Japan. If you don’t mind a lack of translation to Japanese, you can get a bargain-priced version for 2110 yen. With free shipping from Amazon.com, you can’t lose.

Who knows, maybe there was some Call of Duty executive that didn’t want to receive any visits from a caravan of black sound trucks filled with Japanese right-wingers with hurt feelings.

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